12 Best Oil Additives In 2023 — Your Honest Buying Guide

If you want, your engine to perform likes the “Champ’ it’s meant to be then you should think of using oil additives. Yes, the regular oil will work fine as long as you stick to the manufacturer’s recommendation. This includes correct grade, right volume, and timely changes. However, as you probably know, the oil will disintegrate over time. It will become thinner and lighter and will break down due to contaminants. What this means is that the lubricating characteristics will be undermined. This leads to increased friction, which in turn causes more tear & wear. Besides, there is a higher risk of engine damage. That’s why we would like to introduce you to the best oil additives.

Using an additive helps to improve the functionality, viscosity, and characteristic of the oil. It also introduces protective elements that will safeguard the engine components. The engine will run smoother and better; it will be less noisy, will have less pollution, and will also be less affected by contaminants and corrosive compounds in gasoline, diesel and other fuels. Finding the best product can be a challenge. There are so many types, you will get different grades, and you may have insufficient knowledge to identify a good one from a not so good type. This is why we saw it worthwhile to review the best oil additives in 2021.

Best Oil Additives — Reviews List Of 2023

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    By: XL Nanolube

    The XL Nanolube oil additive is okay for both diesel and gasoline engine. It can be used in different engine capacities, whether a small hatchback, midsize saloon, SUV, light truck, van, heavy-duty commercial trucks and more. Also, it works with many oil types including normal and synthetic oils. By adding it to the engine oil, it provides better lubrication for smoother running.

    You will notice lesser emissions, smoother operation, cooler running, and minimal noise. If your car has dry starts, then this will be a thing of the past. It also helps to eliminate smoke and oil burning. Thanks to its good dispersion, it easily blends with the oil and helps it penetrate the pistons, piston rings, rods, and other parts better. This product is available in a nice capacity, and you require a little volume.

    In Short:

    • Capable to work with many different types of oils
    • Presents excellent lubrication in the engine
    • No smoke and oil burning during operation
    • Effortlessly blends with the oil

    #11. 1 Stage Atomic Metal Conditioner Revitalizant

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    By: XADO

    If you have witnessed a drop in power, a sluggish performance, or some smoke coming from the exhaust, then its time you used an additive. This particular one is fit for most vehicles, whether sedans, SUVs, vans, light trucks or heavy-duty vehicles. It has a special formulation that provides extras protection to the engine parts. Furthermore, it is made of superior compounds that retain their integrity for a long time.

    Due to this, it will also work with synthetic oils, which have a longer lifespan. The additive has a smooth consistency for better penetration and blends easily with any oil. What’s more, you need a small amount to see some improvements. The engine will rev better, produce lesser smoke, start better, and run smoother.

    In Short:

    • Boast a smooth consistency
    • Lower generation of smoke during operation
    • Suitable for long-lasting use
    • Provides additional protection to the engine parts

    #10. Engine Oil Additive Zinc & Phosphorus 2 Bottles

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    By: ZDDPPlus

    Extend the performance and life of your engine by using the ZDDPPlus Engine Oil Additive. This pack comes with two bottles containing 4 ounces. This is suitable for 4 to 6 quarts of oil. The product comprises cleansing and lubricating compounds such as zinc and phosphorus. The elements help to eliminate gunk, stains, pollutants, grease, dirt, varnish and other compounds from the engine’s interior. Thanks to this, the moving parts will be free of damaging compounds hence better operation.

    In addition to its cleaning properties, it also improves the lubrication. The products blend well with the oil to improve the viscosity. This allows the oil to penetrate deeper and better. Consumers who have used this product say that the engine becomes more responsive and seems to strain less. There is also an improvement in the starting, power, torque, and the emissions decline.

    In Short:

    • Convenient for 4 to 6 quarts of oil
    • Presents excellent lubrication
    • Flawless working of engine is observed

    #9. Cera Tec Friction Modifier – 300 ml

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    By: Liqui Moly

    Coming in a 300 ml bottle, the Liqui Moly (20002 Cera Tec Friction Modifier) is designed for all types of commercially available motor oils. These include standard, synthetic, gasoline (petrol) as well as diesel. The product gets good reviews of the nice constantly, which improves any kind of oil. In fact, consumers and experts state that you will see improvement almost instantly. This may come in the form of better power, improved mileage, better starts, lower emissions, and more.

    It is very resilient and will withstand different temperatures both low and high. The product maintains it stood performance even under high loads since the vital compounds don’t break down easily. Other than the normal oil, this additive is also appropriate for synthetic engine oil.

    In Short:

    • Can easily sustain different temperatures
    • Suitable for synthetic engine oil
    • When added in the engine, it will show a boost in power and mileage
    • Comes in a 300 ml bottle

    #8. Stiction Fix Oil Treatment – Two 4 fl. oz. Bottles

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    By: REV-X

    Anyone searching for high-performance engine oil addictive should go for the REV-X Stiction Fix Oil Treatment. It works with any engine oil, both standard as well as synthetic oil. Furthermore, it is okay in a diesel or gasoline engine. The product is safe for standard as well as high-performance engines.

    It enhances the flow of the oil in the engine for superior performance. This means the parts move better and faster. On top of that, it has protective agents that will eliminate varnish, gunk, clogs, dirt and other things. These two bottles offer you 4 fluid ounces and will treat 12 quarts of oil. Other reasons why this product is good to include eliminating noisy tappet noise, knocking, cold start issues, and Stiction in HEUI Injectors.

    In Short:

    • Makes the flow of engine smooth
    • Effectively eliminates cold start issues
    • Can flawlessly work with standard and also synthetic oil
    • Engine’s part will move flawlessly and efficiently

    #7. Oil Additive For All Vehicles – Powerstroke Cold Starts

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    By: Archoil

    Available in a 16-ounce bottle, the Archoil AR9100 Oil Additive prevents cold starts, smoke, tapping or knocking sounds. The product also helps to clean injectors for better performance and improved mileage. It’s suitable for any commercial motor oils such as normal, synthetic, diesel and gasoline (petrol). Consumers claim that the positive effects are noticeable within a short time and this includes improved power, better no smoke, and reduced noise.

    The additive is fit for low and high temperatures and puts up with demanding situations pretty well. These include long-distance driving, heavy machinery, high temperatures, or extremely cold conditions. It is also safe for other parts including seals and rubber.

    In Short:

    • Suitable for long-distance riding when added in the engine
    • Recommended to be used for rubber and seals
    • Presents enhanced mileage benefits

    #6. Pure Synthetic Oil Stabilizer – 1 Gallon

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    By: Lucas

    If your car has sluggish performance, emits some smoke from the exhaust, or has dry starts, then you certainly need an additive. This one from the Lucas brand is ideal for sedans, SUVs, vans, light trucks and heavy-duty vehicles. It offers protection to the engine parts against t friction, varnish, contaminants, and other harmful elements. Furthermore, the ingredients retain their integrity for long-lasting performance.

    The Lucas Oil LUC10131 Pure Synthetic Oil Stabilizer comes in 1 Gallon and is all right for most needs. Other than normal oil, it is also suitable for synthetic oils. The product boosts performance, provides smooth operation and you need just a small capacity/volume to experience the improvements.

    In Short:

    • Engine’s parts will stay protected against harsh elements
    • Its 1 Gallon capacity is sufficient to meet different needs
    • Boost in performance of the engine
    • Effective by just using a small proportion

    #5. Mystery Oil – 32 oz

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    By: Marvel Mystery Oil

    One of the best oil additives, The Marvel MM13R Mystery Oil is ideal for diesel and gasoline engine. It works in different engines such as small hatchback, midsize saloon, light truck, SUV, heavy-duty commercial trucks and more. The product is suitable for normal and synthetic oils and comes in a nice 32-ounce bottle. It improves the lubrication for seamless running as well as protecting the moving parts.

    You will observe better running, minimal emissions, cooler running, and reduced noise. Also, the additive gets rid of dry starts, smoke, and excessive oil burning. It easily mixes with the oil for better penetration. Furthermore, it prevents the buildup of carbon, varnish, and gumming effect.

    In Short:

    • Its 32-ounce bottle s suitable for long-term use
    • Enhances lubrication for flawless operation
    • Suitable for diesel and gasoline engine both
    • Eliminates diesel and gasoline engine

    #4. Synthetic Oil Stabilizer

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    By: Lucas

    Coming from one of the renowned brands when it comes to oil additives, the Lucas LUC10130 Synthetic Oil Stabilizer will improve the functionality and performance of the engine. The product is fit for diesel and gasoline engines, whether small, medium or, large. According to the manufacturer, this product allows the engine to run smoother, quieter, and cooler. What’s more, it extends life by as much as 50%. This is thanks to the protective elements found inside the additive. Other notable benefits from using the product include minimal dry starts, lower oil consumption, smoother ride, and reduced noise.

    In Short:

    • Can work seamlessly for diesel and gasoline engines both
    • Includes protective elements in the formula
    • Reduced oil consumption in the engine

    #3. Oil Additive Car Engine Treatment: Add to Engine Oil

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    By: TriboTEX

    TriboTEX Oil Additive Car Engine Treatment is based on a revolutionary technology that seeks to enhance engine performance and life. The product is fit for most oil types and will work well in both gasoline and diesel vehicles. The product comprises synthetic nanoparticles that infiltrate deep inside the moving parts. In so doing, it eliminates particles that may be hindering movement, contaminants, dirt, varnish and more. Additionally, the compounds improve the lubrication, and this allows for smoother running.

    Other than providing better lubrication and protection, the compound also reverses wear. This happens when the active compounds embed themselves on the pitting or small scratches.

    In Short:

    • Resist wear & tear in engine
    • Excellent improvement in lubrication of the engine
    • The included synthetic nanoparticles penetrate deep inside the moving parts
    • Conveniently fit for most oil types

    #2. Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer – 32 oz.

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    By: Lucas

    Add life to your engine oil as well as the engine by using this oil additive by Lucas. The high-grade product should work with all oil types including synthetic oils. You can use it in your small car, SUV, CUV, pickup truck, as well as heavy-duty trucks. It’s made following advanced technology and boasts of superior compounds. They will not only eliminate dirt, clogs, gunk, carbon, and other things, but will help the engine run seamlessly. It also helps to lower oil consumption as well as increasing gas mileage. This is due to the better lubrication and removal of harmful components. It is safe for seals and rubbers and may, in fact, stop leaks.

    In Short:

    • The engine will be able to run flawlessly
    • Implements advanced technology and includes superior compounds
    • Guarantees reduced oil consumption
    • Discards accumulation of different kinds of dirt

    #1. Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer, 1 Gallon

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    By: AI Innovations

    The best oil additive, AI Innovations LUC10002 Lucas will improve and stabilize engine oil. It is fit for light to heavy-duty oil and doesn’t interfere with the characteristics or functionality. Instead, it boosts the performance, and this is evidenced by an improvement in power, response, torque, and other things.

    Situations that may call for this product to be used include excessive ticking noise, knocking, smoke, especially during startup, noisy engine, or some oil burning smell. It does require lots of experience or skill to use. Simply follow the instructions found on the pack. The oil stabilizer comes in a 1-gallon container.

    In Short:

    • Excellent boost in torque, performance, speed, and power of engine
    • The pack comes with all necessary instructions
    • Suitable for light and heavy-duty oil
    • Its 1-gallon container will last longer

    Benefits Of Oil Additives

    • It helps to stop excessive smoke and reduce engine noise.
    • The oil additive helps to keep everything operating efficiently.
    • Oil additives help to refine to lubrication and reduce friction to prevent rust.
    • It contains oil stabilizer elements that help to thicken the oil and improve engine performance.
    • High-quality oil additives can seal small scratches and micro-cracks in order to stop oil leakage. In the long run, it will help to save you a lot of money on leaking oil replacement.
    • Some oil additives come with detergent characteristics that can unclog impurities stuck between the engine parts. This is to reduce extreme friction while cleaning the engine at the same time.

    Things To Consider When Buying Oil Additives

    • Climate Adaptability: There are certain oil additives for the summer and winter months. That is why you have to pick the right oil additive that works in the weather conditions that you drive in.
    • Compatibility: Not every oil additive on the market is compatible with your vehicle. It is important to check your vehicle’s manual to know what type of oil additive that is right for your vehicles.
    • EPA Certification: This indicates that the oil additive does not contain harmful substances which is safe to use.
    • Formula: One wrong move, and you will choose the oil additive that does more harm than good. There are two common formulas which are Zinc and Phosphorous. Phosphorous prolongs the life of your engine by limiting the friction in the engine. As for zinc, it is ideal for older engines because it functions as a performance booster.

    Oil Additive Types

    • Anti-Foaming Agents: With the chemicals that it contains, it inhabits foam and air bubbles in the engine oil. If the foam bubbles don’t burst, they would speed up the oxidation process which leads to corrosion.
    • Antioxidants: This type of oil additive acts as a protective layer to slow down the oxidation process. That means it can prevent corrosion of the engine parts in your vehicle. Along with that, it can also prolong the lifespan of the engine oil as well which is a total plus.
    • Detergents: The purpose of this oil additive is to get rid of impurities accumulating in the engine components. Since it is alkaline in nature, it can also neutralize the acidity level of the engine oil as well. That also helps to avoid unwanted deposits that can form in the engine.
    • Friction Modifiers: This type of oil additive decreases the friction between metal surfaces in the engine. It can indirectly enhance fuel economy, and it also functions as an anti-wear agent as well.
    • Viscosity Modifiers: When it blends with regular oil, viscosity modifiers play a part to prevent oil from becoming thinner or water. At the same time, it also helps to improve oil fluidity at low temperatures as well. This will boost the fuel economy and reduce wear on your engine.

    Final Thoughts

    Like many people, you probably overlook the value of oil additives. And because of this, you stick to the one the manufacturer recommends. While this is okay, you can make it even better by also using an additive. The compound will not affect the existing oil in any way. In fact, it will make it better in regards to viscosity, durability, heat dissipation, resistance to contaminants and other things. To help you pick the best, we evaluated the popular types and managed to distinguish the very best from the rest. By using one of these best oil additives that were mentioned in the review, there is no doubt that your engine will perform better, have lower emissions, and will last a long time.

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