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In my opinion, tire chains should be a must-have in every household. Their usage ranges from the lawnmower to our cars. Whether we like it or not, we still have to tend to our duties regardless of the weather or season, unless it turns into a life or death type of situation. The best tire chains help maneuver through snow, mud, wet areas among others. Having them has kept me safe more times than I can count.

So, if you wish to get a set for yourself, have a look at the review below, and maybe my personal experiences with them will help you get just what you are looking for.

List Of Best Tire Chains In 2020

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#10. Anti Snow Car Chains

TZ Car Accessories, Anti Snow Chains of Car

By: TZ Car Accessories

I decided to get this best tire chain for my SUV since winter was approaching. It is made entirely from quality gum material. This type of tire chain is great for use in low temperatures since its resistance allows it to operate even when the temperatures fall to minus 50 degrees Celsius. This item did not give me a hard time whenever I tried to put them on or remove them. The process was quite smooth and quick at the same time.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • The package includes; a pair of gloves, a snow shovel, and six pieces of slip-resistant chains.
  • It can be used with tires which have a width of about 165mm-265mm.

#9. Tire Traction Chain

Security Chain Company QG2228CAM CAM LSH Tire Traction Chain

By: Security Chain

The reason why I would recommend this purchase is that of the unbelievable value of the components you will be getting. I bought this for my brother as a gift a few months back. I was also impressed because it contained chains that were cam and non-cam. It also included cold temperature operation chains, regular and even heavy-duty ones too. And I have to say; I did not expect the this to come with the cam tool. In fact, to make your installation process a breeze, you will also get step by step instructions.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • It can be used as a cable chain alternative.
  • Your vehicle will get optimal traction.

#8. Tire Traction Chain

Security Chain Company QG1850 Tire Traction Chain

By: Security Chain

I took an interest in these because the carbon steel used to make them is durable. Personally, I would rather spend money on a durable product and consider it an investment. At times you may think that you are saving money, but your pockets end up suffering the consequences. The products may end up short-lived or be of a sub-par quality. These security chain tire chains have a twisted link design to them.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • For you to use this, you will need a QG20070-10 tightener.
  • It can be used both on and off the road.

#7. 245 Snow chains

THULE KONIG XG-12 PRO 245 Snow chains

By: Konig

My neighbor needed some tire chains, so I decided to accompany him as he went to buy some. He decided to get these tire chains mainly because they come with nylon bumpers which are scratch proof. This feature enables it to offer protection for the alloy wheels. He mentioned that the tire chains measure about 12 mm in the inside and will provide the thread clearance. To further boost our confidence in them, the tire chains’ certifications were listed to us. These include; Ö-Norm 5119, UNI 11311, TÜV and 5117. My neighbor frequently keeps me in the loop, and he is yet to be disappointed with the KONIG XG-12 PRO 245 Snow chains.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Provides top performance.
  • They can be fitted quickly and also provide great comfort during driving.

#6. Protective Tire Chains

Tire Chains for 20 x 10.00 x 8

By: Peerless

My lawnmower was the reason behind my purchasing these items. Whenever I tried to use it, I found myself getting stuck. When the grass was wet, I still could not mow my lawn in peace, because of the constant sliding or accidental ripping of the lawn. I just had enough and decided to get a tire chain, and I kicked myself for not thinking about getting one earlier, to save myself from the frustrations I had gone through. You will notice some change if you mow on a hilly area, the traction is improved significantly.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Come with useful instructions to guide you if you get stuck.
  • Are also very flexible.

#5. Auto Track Light Truck/SUV Tire Traction Chain

Peerless 0232605 Auto-Trac Light TruckSUV Tire Traction Chain

By: Security Chain

I got these Peerless 0232605 tire chains for my wife. The funny thing is that I ended up wanting a set for myself in the process, after seeing their capabilities. What I could not get over, was their self-tightening feature. The Peerless 0232605 automatically centers and tightens itself. The chains were innovatively constructed and had some appeal to them. They have a pattern made of diamonds, which plays a role in its traction provision. They have met class ‘S’ requirements for clearance purposes. You need to experience having them, to understand what you have been missing out on.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Can be used with a speed of up to 30MPH.
  • They measure approximately 12 x 11.7 x 3.6 inches.

#4. ATV Trace V-Bar Tire Traction Chain

Security Chain Company 1064356 ATV Trac V-Bar Tire Traction Chain

By: Security Chain

My brother was the one who made me aware of the existence of these Security Chain Company 1064356 ATV tire chains. This was when we were discussing how difficult it was to find tire chains which could be used on different types of terrain. I was very interested to hear what he had to say, and I have to admit that this is worth buying. To make it last longer, the tire chains are zinc plated. This guarantees a reasonable duration of service from them while getting an aggressive level of traction for your ATV.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • For excellent traction, they have a 2-link chain spacing.
  • They weight approximately 14pounds.

#3. Car Snow Chains

THULE KONIG CB-12 090 Snow chains

By: Konig

I am a big fan of quality and well-constructed items. The reason why I advocate for this product is that of the experience I had with it. We were driving along a snow-covered road but the grip it displayed was unbelievable. It was not my first choice when it came to tire chains. Still, that day, I began to realize that I had significantly underestimated it. I later found out that it was hand-made using hardened manganese nickel alloy steel. This helped a bit in explaining its level of performance, not forgetting the D-shaped links on it.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Has color-coded assembly points.
  • It also has a tension control band that can be easily adjusted.

#2. Tire Traction Chain

Security Chain Company ZT741 Tire Traction Chain

By: Security Chain

I saw a colleague of mine with these particular items, and I got a bit curious. He started telling me about the advantages that the tire chains had over the others, and I thought it wise to share with everyone else. You will never have to stop and retighten the tire chains after installation. The reason being that they have a rubber tensioner that is inbuilt. When it comes to anti-lock brakes and systems which are electronically monitored, the Security Chain Company ZT741 tire chains, have a higher compatibility level. Owning a set of these best tire chains brings you so many benefits and places you ahead of the average person.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Lower the potential of damage occurring to the vehicle’s mechanical components and body.
  • It lasts much longer than other items

#1. Super Z6 Cable Tire Chain

Security Chain Company SZ143 Super Z6 Cable Tire Chain

By: Security Chain

We bought this for my father-in-law’s pickup truck. All I can say is that this is the best tire chain that I have ever come across. It seemed reasonable since he also owned a passenger car and an SUV as well. The Security Chain Company SZ143 tire chain can be used with any of the three vehicles, making that an economical purchase. He just had to choose one of them to fit it on. The installation process can be done even without the movement of the car. What made me happy was his reaction a few weeks later, when he said that compared to the other products in his possession, the all-around traction was exemplary.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • The Security Chain Company SZ143 Tire chains have been designed for tires that measure about 215 to 285 millimeters in size.
  • It also comes with illustrated instructions.

Benefits of Tire Chains

  • They provide safety: Tire chains help avoid cases of slipping which may lead to accidents and injuries.
  • They are convenient: With tire chains, one can go through mud and ice without getting stuck in the process.

Wrapping It Up!

The best tire chain would have to be the one that fits your tires correctly and fulfill their purpose. You need a tire chain that will be strong enough to provide the grip that you need and to last you throughout the period you need it for. If you want to have an excellent performance, then grab one of these products listed above.

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