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Have you ever been in a car that smells of dampness, cigarette smoke, spilled drinks, stale food, sweat, socks or any other offending smell? If you have, you know how uncomfortable and unpleasant the interior may be. The most comfortable and most convenient way to eliminate such odor is by using the best car fresheners.

Some will mask the smell; others absorb it slowly and eliminate the scent eventually, while others neutralize the odor. Some types come in the form of hanging cardboards. Others come in sacks, while some come in an aerosol or a canister. Although finding a product isn’t hard, knowing the one that will serve you best is much harder. Fortunately, we have discovered the list of the top 10. Let’s find out together.

List Of The Best Car Fresheners In 2023

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    By: Armor All

    This one got the top list of the best car air freshener. This car freshener bag will help eliminate odor from your car with ease. It comes in a handy sack that contains active ingredients that not only absorb the bad smell but also create a fresher environment. Furthermore, the pleasant fragrance though mild, lasts for a long time and comes in a convenient 300-gram pack.

    Made from high-quality bamboo charcoal, this product also filters allergens and bacteria, ensuring the environment is more hygienic and other than car use. This car freshener is also suitable for the kitchen, store, bathroom, litter box, closet, and many other applications. And considering it’s made in the USA, you are assured of good quality.

    Reasons To Buy This:

    • Airtight sealed enclosure for retaining the active carbon
    • Eco-friendly packaging for protecting the environment
    • Special rope attachment for quick and easy hanging

    #9. Car Air Freshener, Car Vent Clip and Odor Eliminator

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    By: Febreze

    Why should you stay or drive in a car that smells of cigarette smoke, sweat, bad food, or pet dander? With this charcoal car air freshener, not only will you eliminate the bad odors fast but also ensure the air is cleaner and more hygienic. The 220-gram pack easily fits in tight/small spaces and can be placed or hang on the chosen location.

    Made from verified Moso bamboo and activated charcoal, this unscented deodorizer traps odor, bacteria, mold, mildew, moisture, allergens, and other substances. Lastly, it also acts as a dehumidifier that ensures the environment is hygienic and user-friendly.

    Reasons To Buy This:

    • Lanyard for clipping on seat anchors, headrest, and other places
    • Aluminum carabineer for strength and good support
    • Active charcoals for trapping odor, pollutants, bacteria, allergens, and more.

    #8. Smoke & Odors Eliminator Gel. Car-Air Freshener

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    By: Kraco

    One of the best car fresheners, this blue-colored freshener ranks as one of the top car fresheners for a couple of reasons. One, it comes in a handy and convenient 127 grams/ 4.5-oz pack that can be slotted in /on different locations. Two, the odor-eliminating gel works reasonably fast and lasts for a moderately extended period.

    Three, the twist top makes adjusting the strength of the fragrance comfortable and also convenient. Apart from in-car use, this product can be used in the home, office, store, and other places. Consumers also like its pure nature, compact size, and the not-so-strong scent.

    Reasons To Buy This:

    • Twist top for easy and convenient control
    • Odor eliminating gel for longevity
    • Measures 3 x 2.5 x 5.5 inches for easy fitting in small spaces

    #7. Squash Scent Air Freshener

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    By: Air Spencer

    Saying goodbye to the food, cigarette, sweat, mold, pet, sock, or any other smell starts with installing the CS-X3 squash Scent car air freshener. It works with different types of cars, both small and large, and can easily be fitted on the dashboard and other places.

    Users love its light and straightforward design that saves space and makes carrying easy. Also, it emits a mild squash scent that quickly fills the air inside the car, ensuring all the occupants have a better experience. Many buyers also talk about the beautiful fragrance, non-allergenic nature, and excellent packaging.

    Reasons To Buy This:

    • 4-ounce pack for saving space and enhancing portability
    • The mild scent lasts for as many as 4 weeks
    • Separate refills for better economy

    #6. Car Air Freshener

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    By: Purggo

    Unlike most air fresheners that last for about 45 days, this one will last for as many as 365 days. It’s regarded as one of the longest-lasting car fresheners as well as the one among the best car fresheners and is ideal for any car. Also, it’s completely safe thanks to not having any parabens, chemical, allergens, fragrances, or any other toxic substances.

    Furthermore, consumers love the natural smell that makes it safe for kids, pets, environment, asthmatics, as well as people with sensitive noses. Last but not least, the odor eliminator works automatically and doesn’t need intervention from a user.

    Reasons To Buy This:

    • Odor absorbing nature eliminates the underlying problem and not simply masking the odor
    • 100% bamboo charcoal for natural and healthy odor elimination
    • Great design for easy use and more effect

    #5. PlugIns Car Air Freshener Starter Kit

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    By: Glade

    One of the key attractions of this car freshener is its excellent design and size that make using it simple and easy to use. Consumers also positively talk about its natural and mild scent that slowly diffuses into the air and also combats most types of odors including sweat, cigarette smoke, mildew, mold, dampness, pet odor and more.

    Lastly, the included 7-reusable refill pads allow you to change the scent as your desire without spending too much time or money.

    Reasons To Buy This:

    • 7 reusable refill pads for quick and easy changing of scent
    • Backside vents for easy and effective airflow
    • Magnetic closure for easy and secure opening and closing
    • High-quality brass alloy for durability

    #4. Car Air Purifier, Car Air Freshener

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    By: FRiEQ

    Besides being one of the best car fresheners, this product by FRiEQ is also a car air purifier. It ranks as one of the best when it comes to strength and is said to release as many as 4.8 million negative ions for every cm³. In simple terms, it will slowly diffuse into the environment and combat even the strongest odors.

    Moreover, the result is a pleasant smelling and odor-free environment. It also eliminates bacteria, allergens, molds, mildew, viruses, and more. Despite its smallness; this handy pack’s fragrance lasts for a decent period before a replacement is needed.

    Reasons To Buy This:

    • Blue LED light for additional beauty
    • 12V power for connecting to the car’s cigarette lighter
    • A weight of 1.4 ounces for easy carrying

    #3. Black Ice Air Freshener, (Pack of 24)

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    By: Little Trees

    The Little Trees air freshener is a top pick for users who love a masculine scent. Also, these light pieces can easily be hung on the rearview mirror or dashboard and will emit different scents, including bergamot, sandalwood, and lemon.

    The stylish design also makes the environment more attractive while the high-grade fragrance keeps the car smelling lovely for a long time. Going by reviews, consumers say the scent isn’t too overpowering or too mild and is friendly even to people with sensitive noses, sinuses, as well as asthmatics.

    Reasons To Buy This:

    • Small and light for easy hanging
    • Different fragrances for improved versatility
    • Space-saving dimensions of 1 x 1 x 1 inches

    #2. Car 4-Pack Vent-Clip Air Fresheners

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    By: Febreze

    All it takes to eliminate bad smells inside the car is clipping this 4-pack by Febreze. Surely among the best car freshener, it is respected for its small and lightweight of 3.2 ounces and doesn’t need lots of space. Also, the simple pieces come with a nice fragrance that appeals to most people and lasts for a considerable period.

    Furthermore, it consists of 0.26 fluid-ounce liquid that slowly dissipates into the air without becoming too strong or overpowering. Unlike other alternatives on the market, you don’t need to keep monitoring this unit.

    Reasons To Buy This:

    • Simple car clips for quick and convenient attaching
    • Linen & Sky color for added flair
    • Simple design for easy attachment to different points
    • The lightweight of 3.2 ounces for easy carrying and hanging

    #1. Car Air Freshener, Set of 5 Clips

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    By: Febreze

    Designed for odor elimination, this charcoal color air freshener is suitable for use in most cars, closets, and other places. Moreover, it comes in a handy and well-ventilated bag that contains natural Moso bamboo charcoal. On top of that, this best car freshener absorbs the entire lousy odor from the surrounding and will work in the space of up to 90 square feet.

    Over time, the bad smells will disappear and what remains is the natural, fresh, and user-friendly smell. To guarantee the user as well as the environment of cleanliness and safety, this air freshener does not contain any chemicals, fragrances, parabens, or toxins.

    Reasons To Buy This:

    • 200-gram packaging for long life
    • Fragrance-free and natural for safety and purity
    • Versatile nature for use in the car, bathroom, kitchen office, and other places

    Types of Car Fresheners

    For your car, the car fresheners are the vital accessory to purchase to enhance the indoor environment of your car. The cool breeze delivered by your car’s air conditioner may not be sufficient to deliver fresh air inside. It is possible that the car interior can have the stink of perspiration, body odor, and the foul-smelling fumes of pollution. These kinds of smells can feel nasty several times that it may make you dizzy and sick. In the present market, there are many different types of car fresheners that can hide these types of permeated unpleasant odors. Moreover, they are capable of making your mood pleasant and keeping you relaxed.

    When you equip your car with the fresh car air fresheners with a sweet fragrance, they employ the ability to overwhelm foul smells inside your car quickly. The carefully chosen car air fresheners can generate a pleasant smell that is sufficiently strong to discard different types of odors smoking, stale food, or other unpleasant smells. When you get familiar with the different types of car fresheners, you can make a proper buying decision, so look at the different types of car fresheners below:


    The diffusers are frequently regarded as car vent air freshener and they are 100% natural. Their chemical formula is devoid of harmful chemicals. They would diffuse drops of essential oil inside the refill pad to present the wonderful scent inside your car. Generally, it is found that the diffusers are cheaper than aerosol type car fresheners and also they are safer in operation.

    Sticky Gels

    The sticky gel comprises of the scented fragrance and implied from the name, it would stick to any dry surface of your car. Compared to other car fresheners, the sticky gels are long-lasting. Their making is done with a sticky type of gel capable of holding the fragrant oil. Due to the fact that it does not depend on the air vents or some other forms of propulsion, it is not highly effective at discarding the powerful smells inside the car.


    The plug-ins are the most prevalent choices among the other car fresheners available on the market. Their working operation utilizes the oil-based composition. Looking at their setup, they are plugged inside the power outlet on your dashboard. They are extremely quick to spread the fragrance that fills up the interior of your car in less time. These types of car fresheners are beneficial for emitting strong odors and they would quickly fill the car interior with a sweet fragrance.

    It is typically observed that such bottles are plugged within the cigarette socket that heats up the oil and disperses it inside the car. Within 10-15 minutes, the car interior is uplifted and you will be able to breathe the thrilling aroma. Compared to the cardboard car fresheners, the plug-in fresheners would last longer and they can also be refilled to let you relish the wonderful fragrance.


    The cans freshener utilizes fragrant gel just like the sticky gel fresheners. This type of freshener can be used inside an open metal or plastic container. It is known that its top part possesses adjustable holes which can be set based on the amount of scent you need inside your car. These types of fresheners own the potential to last longer than most other sticky gel products. Looking at its structure, the lid present on the top includes many tiny holes from where the scent disperses into the surrounding. This scent can be easily manipulated by turning the lid and opening the holes. It relies on you on how many holes you wish to open. The number of open holes indicates the durability of a can.


    Among all the car fresheners, cardboards fresheners are known to be the cheapest alternative. They can be effortlessly suspended from the rearview mirror of your car. This freshener is packed with several stylish designs and colors capable of perfectly blend with your car. So, it proves to be a suitable solution for those in a lookout for a pink car air freshener. There is also another car freshener variant, i.e. non-hanging cardboard fresheners. They could not be suspended anywhere on the car, so you need to set up them on the car’s dashboard or on the glove compartment.


    The spray fresheners are basically are aerosol-based air fresheners encompassed inside a pressurized can. These types of cans are fast-acting and are simple to use. You just need to spray it on to make the car interior fresh. So, the hassles of unpleasant odor in car will get eliminated. It is a truth that the spray fresheners are not much long-lasting and you need to spray them at regular intervals. Consequently, there will be powerful blocking of odors.

    Electronic Ionizer Air Fresheners

    Similar to the deodorizers, the working mechanism of these car purifiers is identical to that of the oil-based fresheners. Inside its structure, there is the presence of liquid which gets liberated into the car’s interior. The compounds present inside utilizes electricity for ionization purpose. In its working, the negatively charged ions appeal the positively charged molecules. During the time when both these molecules collide one another, the negative molecules would get immediately grounded. Consequently, the molecules will be attracted toward the electrode. In this way, the contaminated air gets transformed into breathable air leading to fresh and pleasant environment in the car.

    Final Thoughts

    You don’t have to tolerate the awful smells inside a car as a result of food or drink spillage or cigarette smile. You don’t need to use car fresheners that may cause harm to you or the environment. Also, you should avoid products that require a frequent application or its effects wear out too soon.

    This is why you need to first investigate the products on offer, compare them, and finally choose the most suitable. You, however, don’t need to follow this lengthy process. We have broken down the top 10 best car fresheners in 2021 that will make your vehicle smell better and for longer. The above items come in decent sizes, are user-friendly, easy to use, and are suitable for different cars.

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