The Top 13 Best Kids Luggages – Products Review

There’s no need to postpone a trip because you don’t have the best kids luggages. We have researched the top and most affordable kids luggages in the market to let you choose one that meets your traveling needs. Also, this item has typically sturdy wheels to enhance movement from one location to the other. Even the little hands can use the handle to pull this item without adult assistance. This bag is perfect for most events such as hiking, camping, get-togethers, overnight stays, and much more. The following Products Review has the The Top 13 Best Kids Luggages.


  • Best Kids Luggages Review List
    • #13. Kid’s Luggage Scooter 18″ – Polly the Panda
    • #12. Kid’s Travel Partner Ride-On Suitcase
    • #11. Softside Upright Luggage Set, Owl
    • #10. Monster Truck Design Kid’s Travel Suitcase Toddler Luggage
    • #9. 8 Pocket Rolling Duffel Bag
    • #8. Mermaids Rolling Luggage
    • #7. Unicorn Kids Backpack With Removable Wheel backpack
    • #6. Luggage Melbourne Expandable Abs Carry On Luggage
    • #5. Kid’s Luggage Set, 12″ Backpack & 16″ Rolling Suitcase
    • #4. Stephen Joseph Classic Rolling Luggage
    • #3. Unicorn Kid’s Carry on Luggage Set With Spinner Wheels
    • #2. Kids Rolling Luggage With Wheels | Hard Shell
    • #1. Kid’s Luggage with Wheels, Unicorn
  • The Best Kids Luggages: Buyers’ Guide
    • Movement
    • Handle Design
    • Weight Limit
    • Storage System
    • Dividers
    • Material and Style
  • Conclusion

The Top 13 Best Kids Luggages List

#13. Kid’s Luggage Scooter 18″ – Polly the Panda

ZincFlyte Kid's Luggage Scooter 18 - Polly the Panda

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By: ZincFlyte

The ZincFlyte brand is a relatively new company that has designed this luggage scooter. It has a spacious design that holds a 25-liter load perfectly. You can put essentials like magazines, clothes, toys, books and more. Not only that but also its cabin size allows you to stow in an overhead slot comfortably. No more worries about exceeding the flight load when you invest in this bag. Another thing is the unique Rock and Roll steering system. It adds safety when pulling this product from one area to the other. Even the youngster can control it when full of load. The integrated deck is secure and folds away this bag quickly.

In addition, this unit boasts a Polly the Panda print for added appeal. It looks cute, making it suitable for children and even teens. Note that there are other styles available for your child to pick one that meets their preferences. Furthermore, the wheels move quietly and smoothly on most surfaces. Whether your kid is pulling from the car to the house, he or she will enjoy maximum comfort. What’s more, its sturdy and squishy feel has excellent impact resistance. The surface is bouncy and soft to free the little hands from strains and pains.

In Short:

  • Its spacious design can accommodate up to 25 liters of load
  • Comes with a Rock and Roll steering system for added safety
  • The integrated decks fold this bag quickly
  • With a cute Polly the Panda, it is perfect for kids
  • The squishy surface offers a soft and bouncy feel

#12. Kid’s Travel Partner Ride-On Suitcase

ANIMOR Kids Travel Partner Ride-On Suitcase

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Color is an important factor when buying your young one the excellent kids luggage. This one from ANIMOR has a beautiful Penguin Purple finish to add appeal in any setting. Also, the youngster can complement their attire, toys, and more accessories easily. This unit is spacious and holds up to a 50-kg load. What this means is simple and secure storage of any valuables such as clothes, books, toys, and much more. Plus, the easy-steps design turns an ordinary airplane seat into a cozy travel bed. Made from premium material, durability and reliability are a guarantee. The fabric will not tear as quickly as the rest, hence more user value.

Thanks to the ergonomic design, this item can be used as a carry-on or rolling luggage. It all depends on the user’s desire during travels or storage. Not only that but also your children can pull it along or pull it through the airport by themselves. It is the perfect journey assistant when the family is away from home. Moreover, this accessory comes with a multi-functional strap to let you strap your tow-tired child on it on over the shoulder. It improves the carrying process when they are sleepy as the upgraded swivel wheels move quickly.

In Short:

  • The Penguin Purple finish is beautiful and stylish
  • It has a large interior for holding up to 50kgs
  • With durable construction, the fabric will not tear
  • Comes with a multifunctional strap to let you tow tired babies
  • The upgraded wheels move easily

#11. Softside Upright Luggage Set, Owl

Rockland Fashion Softside Upright Luggage Set, Owl

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By: Rockland

This is the perfect sized kids luggage with a spacious main slot with a size of 19” H x 13” W x 7.5” deep, which can expand 2 inches. Not only that, but the tote bag is 14” W x 11” H x 5.5” Deep for more storage space. Note that this item weighs only one pound for the young ones to move it effortlessly. Featuring an EVA-molded fabric condition, the material is durable and reliable. You can use this bag for most outdoor places when going on a camping or hiking trip. Besides, the heavy-duty PVC backing and polyester built makes it a travel-friendly carry-on. We love the three expandable uprights for added user comfort.

Furthermore, this product’s EZ-Roll skate wheels move swiftly on tough and smooth grounds. They ensure your little one enjoys maximum movement comfort to bring out a sense of independence. Another thing is the inside retractable handle to support different body sizes and weights. Store valuables inside the zippered back pockets for added security. They accommodate the content safely, especially in journies, to make the travel more manageable for parents. What’s more, the convenient stability bars help prevent tilting when not in use. Adjust the non-slip shoulder strap for your little one to experience a comfortable carry.

In Short:

  • It has a spacious interior that holds different-sized valuables
  • Weighs only one pound for added user comfort
  • Comes with EZ-Roll skate wheel to smoothen the movement
  • With multiple pockets that keep items secure
  • An adjustable shoulder strap stays secure in one position

#10. Monster Truck Design Kid’s Travel Suitcase Toddler Luggage

PUQU Monster Truck Design Kids Travel Suitcase Toddler Luggage

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The PUQU suitcase has a unique and fun design resembling a monster truck. Kids, especially little boys, will love the prints when traveling or storing their valuables. Also, this item is versatile and can be used as a push or kid storage for toys. Watch them as they load their treasures when preparing for a journey inside the spacious interior. Note that space accommodates up to 18 liters of loads to hold toys, clothes, and other stuff. The wheels are stylish and robust to roll on different surfaces effortlessly.

Alternatively, you can use this luggage as a school bag thanks to its friendly dimension. Keep your books, water bottles, and other school essentials safely inside. Moreover, it has a 12.2 inches height x 11.4 inches width with a 35inches shoulder drop. This dimension improves carrying comfort to fit an overhead compartment perfectly. Constructed from ABS material, it is sturdy and durable. Not only that but also it will not scratch or dent like the rest for longlasting service. Plus, the strap is strong and cozy to let you tow tired youngsters to the airport. It is made from premium material to offer maximum security in use.

In Short:

  • Comes with a unique monster truck finish
  • Holds a variety of stuff thanks to the 18-liter capacity
  • The friendly design is perfect as a school backpack
  • Its durable shoulder straps allow a comfortable carrying
  • Made from heavy-duty and safe ABS material

#9. 8 Pocket Rolling Duffel Bag

Olympia 8 Pocket Rolling Duffel Bag

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By: Olympia

We understand the different luggage in the market are made from various fabrics. This one by Olympia is designed using 100% polyester for durability and easy maintenance. The material has excellent wear-resistance, dust-resistance, and water-resistance properties. Also, you can use the standard cleaning detergents like water and soap to remove dirt. This unit boasts an ergonomic design that allows use by kids and even adjusts. You can pack your weekend-getaways or overnight essentials inside the large capacity. With unique zipper construction, they use a self-repairing system to prevent them from getting jammed.

Additionally, it comes with eight convenient pockets for more storage space. You can keep your little one’s valuables in an organized manner for easy access later. The larger slot can accommodate books, toys, and other valuables. Moreover, this luggage’s in-like skate wheel mechanism is recessed for simple movement. They work together with the retractable handle to make pulling an easy task. Your kid can pull the grip independently from one location to the other. We like the U-shape opening to support easy access to the main compartment.

In Short:

  • Made from 100% polyester for durability and easy cleaning
  • Its versatile design can be used for travels and weekend getaways
  • The zipper system self-repairs for more user convenience
  • Comes with 8 pockets that accommodate a variety of utilities
  • The retractable handle is sturdy and easy to use

#8. Mermaids Rolling Luggage

Wildkin Mermaids Rolling Luggage

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By: Wildkin

Another top kids luggage available online is Wildkin ideal for 3 to 10-year-olds. It has a compact structure measuring 16 inches long x 6 inches wide x 12 inches tall. This size is perfect for holding small to medium-sized commodities such as books, toys, clothes, and much more. Made from durable 600 Denier polyester, it has a better wear-resistance and longevity than the rest. Not only that, but also, this fabric’s moisture-resistant interior keeps stored items safe and dry. Ensure you spot clean to remove any dust or dirt from the surface or interior.

This bag is safe and easy to use, thanks to the BPA-free, PVC-free, and phthalate-free construction. It will not emit any harmful chemicals, whether used in high-temperature areas to keep your young one safe all times. Plus, a top handle uses the modern telescopic design to improve mobility. Your kid can pull it from one location to the other effortlessly. This accessory’s front pocket has a sturdy zipper for easy and safe packing. Boasting a love kid-friendly finish, it coordinates well with other Wildkin gear for a seamless style system.

In Short:

  • The design is suitable for 3 to 10-year-olds
  • Made from 600D polyester for better longevity
  • Simple to spot clean the wear-resistant fabric
  • Its BPA-free and PVC-free materials are safe for kids
  • Comes with a pull handle to improve pulling action

#7. Unicorn Kids Backpack With Removable Wheel backpack

Funday Unicorn Kids Backpack with Removable Wheel backpack

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By: Funday

The Funday bag is suitable for boys and girls. It has a 3-way design containing a backpack, luggage, or a handbag. Your little one can use it as a multifunctional item for many years as they grow. Not only for added value but also comfortable operation. This item is versatile for an adult to use it as a travel suitcase, school bag, or a compact diaper bag. Another thing is the sturdy wheels that roll of various surfaces such as hardwood quietly and smoothly. You can remove them to make this luggage a simple backpack to suit multiple applications. Moreover, the cute plush animal enhances the overall look for little ones to enjoy a stylish carrying.

With a dimension of 14 inches long x 5.5 inches wide with a 10-inch height, it has ample space. Your kid can keep favorite stuffed animals, books, toys, and other essentials comfortably inside. Plus, this size is ideal for a preschooler or a kindergartner to use for school. An adult can carry it for a weekend trip filled with snacks, books, clothes, or blanket. Made with plush fabric, it is snugly, cuddly, and soft. You can remove any dirt by hand-washing or machine-washing. Additionally, the polyester lining is easy to clean with mild soap and warm water. It comes with side pockets for holding snacks and a sippy cup.

In Short:

  • It’s ideal for girls and boys
  • Can be used as a backpack, handbag or luggage
  • The sturdy wheels are removable to make carrying a breeze
  • Its spacious interior holds snacks, books, clothes and more
  • The side pockets keep a sippy cup and snacks safe

#6. Luggage Melbourne Expandable Abs Carry On Luggage

Rockland Luggage Melbourne 20 Inch Expandable Abs Carry On Luggage

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By: Rockland

Pick one of the 30 colors available of this luggage to let your child complement their style. For instance, pink, red, blue, black, and much more improve any room setting look. At the same time, the placement area, whether indoors or outdoors, gets a pleasant appeal. This item comes with durable spinner wheels that move from one location to the other perfectly. Note that you can roll them in any direction, thanks to a 360-degree angle. Now your youngster can enjoy a sense of independence every time you go for a family trip.

Moreover, this kids luggage is made from safe ABS and polycarbonate materials. They work together to ensure you enjoy an extended use every time you pack your kid’s essentials. Besides, its spacious interior can accommodate up to 38 liters of loads. This space is enough to hold clothes, magazines, toys, and much more all at once. Another thing is its lightweight structure to minimize portability fatigue.

In Short:

  • Comes in over 30 color choices
  • The spinners move swiftly
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Holds up to a 38-liter capacity
  • Made from durable materials

#5. Kid’s Luggage Set, 12″ Backpack & 16″ Rolling Suitcase

HONEY JOY 2Pc Kids Luggage Set, 12 Backpack & 16 Rolling Suitcase

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This is the perfect 2-piece luggage set that gives you value for money. It has a 16-inch rolling suitcase and a 12-inch backpack. The smaller one holds medium-small sized content such as books and much. Note that both of these pieces are made from non-toxic ABC for added safety. Also, they have nylon and polycarbonate elements for better firmness and children’s health safety. This unit is stylish and functional ideal as an all-occasional gift. You can surprise your daughter or son on birthdays, Thanksgiving, or Christmas. In addition, the four spinner wheels improve mobility from one area to the other.

Boasting of cute patterns, this carry-on set blends well with most kid’s room style. You can let your young one mix and match the tone with favorite attires. At the same time, they gain a sense of responsibility and independence at a young age. They get to learn how to organize and pack items on their own for hands-on ability and responsibility. What’s more, this product is ergonomically-designed featuring a telescopic locking handle. You can adjust the level to suit different kids heights for them to pull with comfort. The widened shoulder strap minimizes pressures on the youngster’s shoulders. Plus, the multi-use pockets hold a variety of stuff.

In Short:

  • The set contains a rolling suitcase and a backpack
  • Made from durable materials that can bear excessive use
  • Its lovely flamingo design makes it an appealing kids’ gift
  • With quality spinner wheels, movement is a breeze
  • Its widened shoulder strap minimizes shoulder pressures

#4. Stephen Joseph Classic Rolling Luggage

Stephen Joseph Classic Rolling Luggage

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By: Stephen Joseph

The top-rated kids luggage should have quality construction, just like this one by Stephen Joseph. It s designed from polyester at the exterior to prevent quick wear and tear. Also, the material has a better appeal than the rest after extended use. Movement and control is a breeze thanks to the sturdy wheels. They work together with the exterior hardware to allow use in most outdoor places. It is perfect for camping, road trips, and many activities, no matter the ground surface. What’s more, the zipper closure comes in handy to let you access valuables quickly. Even the little ones can keep and remove their treasures without assistance.

An added advantage is the stylish design with colorful, exciting characters. They add a functional and fun element to any place suitable for indoor and home use. Not only that, but it also makes this bag stand out from the others for more attractiveness. Besides, it measures 14.5 inches long x 18 inches wide with a 6.5-inch height. This space accommodates kids’ stuff, such as toys, during travels to make the journey more manageable. In addition, the accessible zipper pockets have glitter accents to complement most clothing styles. Also, you can keep different belonging at once for safekeeping during a trip.

In Short:

  • Its polyester construction is wear -resistance
  • The wheels move swiftly and smoothly
  • Comes with zipper closure to support a quick access
  • It has colorful patterns for more appeal
  • The multiple pockets hold stuff securely

#3. Unicorn Kid’s Carry on Luggage Set With Spinner Wheels

Unicorn Kids Carry on Luggage Set with Spinner Wheels

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By: iPlay, iLearn

This luggage with a lovely pink unicorn design is perfect for young girls. The color brightens up a place, whether the bedroom, outdoors and other locations. Also, it comes with four sturdy wheels that roll on any surfaces smoothly. Not only that but also they move at a 360-degree angle to make the transmit more comfortable. Watch as your little one pulls and pushes with maximum ease for a sense of independence. Furthermore, this bag’s extendable handle allow quick height adjustment to suit kids and parent different sizes. It is made of aluminum rods for easy grabbing and pulling for small hands.

Measuring 18 inches long x 8 inches tall x 11.5 inches wide, the luggage size holds a variety of utilities. Noe that the backpack has a different dimension of 13 inches long x 4.5 inches tall x 10 inches wide to add more storage room. What’s more, this unit has a hard shell ABS plastic for simple maintenance and durability. Its cotton lining keeps the stored content free of scratches during mobility. This allows comfortable movement perfect for weekend getaways, overnight stays, sleepovers, and other outdoor travels. The young ones can use it as a cool and secure school bag to store lunch boxes, books, and even stationery.

In Short:

  • Its pink character and style is ideal for little girls
  • The wheels move up to a 360-degree angle
  • With a retractable handle, you can extend it to suit different body sizes
  • With a cotton lining, it keeps stored valuables scratch-free
  • It is versatile to be used as a school bag

#2. Kids Rolling Luggage With Wheels | Hard Shell

Lttxin Kids Rolling Luggage with Wheels Hard Shell

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By: Lttxin kids’

We love the Lttxin Kids’ bag because of its lightweight design. It is among the most kids luggage and measures 12.4 inches long x 18.2 inches tall x 8.3 inches wide. This space is enough to hold school and travel items such as books, toys, clothes, and much more. At the same time, it reduces portability burdens to the little arms and fingers when pulling to desired locations. Another thing we take note of is the dual-tube pull handle. You can adjust it and watch as the youngster grabs the top handle to ease lifting and pulling. It is made from sturdy material that can bear transit pressures and changing temperatures.

Moreover, this unit has four wheels that move up to a 360-degree angle. They are multidirectional to make the motion smooth, no matter the surface type. Roll them on the tarmac, hardwood, or other grounds to enjoy a comfortable use. In addition, you can buy this accessory for a loved one to use as an overnight bag. It has a large design measuring 18 inches suitable for boys and toddlers. Constructed from ABS and PC materials, they have excellent, environmentally friendly elements. You don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals that cause health issues to children.

In Short:

  • It has around 12-inch length for a comfortable use
  • Suitable for toddlers thanks to its lightweight design
  • The pull handle adjusts easily to quicken the movement
  • Comes with multidirectional wheels
  • Made from eco-safe materials including ABS

#1. Kid’s Luggage with Wheels, Unicorn

Skip Hop Kids Luggage with Wheels, Unicorn

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By: Skip Hop

There’s a cheaper way to encourage travel independence to the little ones. This Skip Hop is an excellent choice thanks to the multiple child-friendly features. For instance, it has a retractable handle to ensure easy carrying with stored content. Not only that but also the handle extends up to 13 inches to suit various body sizes. This bag has lovely Zoo characters to make it more appealing than the rest. Your little one can learn the name of the animals at a tender age during travels. What’s more, its pint structure has enough space to hold a variety of valuables at the same time. Throw in some toys, books, games, and others safe when traveling.

In addition, this item is multifunctional, perfect for overnight trips, get-togethers, or as a carry-on. It is made from premium poly-canvas for added durability and easy maintenance. Besides, the material will not tear even when used in high or low-temperature areas. This accessory comes with an elastic mesh pocket that holds a water bottle securely. Its fun matching zipper is easy to open and close when accessing stored treasures. We like the dividers and pockets that allow a safe organization. Alternatively, you can remove some of the inserts to accommodate large-sized loads perfectly.

In Short:

  • It has child-friendly features that encourage travel independence
  • The lovely Zoo characters stand out from other luggage designs
  • Its pint-size structure is perfect for overnight trips
  • Made from premium poly-canvas for added durability
  • The dividers and pockets that allow a safe organization

The Best Kids Luggages: Buyers’ Guide

When you are traveling with young ones, you need one of the best kids luggages in the market. Not only to improve the storage system but also the transportation of essentials. You can keep your valuables in a separate bag and theirs in the other one. Besides, this carrying accessory makes the whole trip more manageable to parents and guidelines. The following is a guide to help you know about the features and benefits in high quality kids luggages.


The first feature to check is the movement design of the top kids luggages. Look at the wheels’ thickness and material used in construction. For the rubber tires, they have better traction and roll easily on most terrains. Even on slippery grounds, warm or cold ones, the motion is a breeze. Whether the surface has bumps and hills, the tires have excellent shock absorption. Also, some wheels can move it any direction up to a 360-degree angle. This gives you easy maneuverability on tight and ample space.

Handle Design

Another thing that affects the transit system is the handle structure. If you invest in kids luggages that come with a retractable grip, the better the comfort. You can adjust it to fit different body sizes and weights for added comfort. Not only that but also the handle should be tough enough to bear excessive use. Some units even have padded grips to keep strains and discomforts out from your hand.

Weight Limit

How many loads can the top kids luggages hold? If you know you will keep a few items, you can buy a low to medium-capacity model. Generally, for the children’s design, they don’t have a considerable interior size like the full-sized ones.

Storage System

The next consideration is the storage channel and number of pockets in kids luggages. Mostly, kids luggages have more than two slots for little ones to keep their valuables. Some have a zippered compartment for extra security as they eliminate cases of slips. You can lock the opening and travel on smooth or rocky grounds knowing the valuables are safe. Plus, the inner lining is made from soft and yet durable material to prevent scratches to the stored utilities. Your child can even hang a folding umbrella on an exterior hook in some of the designs available. Alternatively, mesh pockets accommodate water bottles for easy access.


Does the best kids luggage have removable inserts? If you want a model that has this feature, the Skip Hop is an excellent choice. It lets you customize the interior capacity for a flexible and personalized system. Not only that, but also you can remove some of the dividers to store large-sized items.

Material and Style

Lastly, check the fabric used for the whole luggage. The most common ones are polyester, nylon, and cotton because of their appeal and durability. For polyester, it has excellent waterproof elements to allow use indoors or outdoors. Also, its scratch-resistant properties let your little one use it on rainy days. If your kids luggages get dirty, wiping off the dirt with a damp cloth is recommended.


Traveling with your children can get hectic if you don’t have one of the best kids luggages. It comes handy when you want to organize your valuables in another bag and theirs separately. Also, the multiple pockets ensure simple and easy access to the stored utilities. Kids luggages typically has enough space to accommodate valuable at an extended time. You can use it when going camping, fishing, picnic, or hiking trips. Plus, the wide variety of colors let your little one mix and match the preferred tone. Remember to check the wheels of the best kids luggages to get one with a superior movement.

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