Top 10 Best Food Scales You Need In Your Kitchen

A food scale is necessary for every kitchen whether you are cooking at home or in a restaurant. There are many recipes you can try and make them delicious on the first go if you get the ingredients incorrect amount. With a food scale, you can also calculate the amount of ingredients you are having and calculate the calorie intake accordingly. It is essential for a healthy diet and never exceeding the limit. The following list has the Top 10 Best Food Scales with stunning designs and versatile functionalities.


  • Best Food Scales
    • #10. Digital Food Kitchen Scale
    • #9. Digital Kitchen Multifunction Food Scale
    • #8. Digital Kitchen Scale With Dough Scraper
    • #7. Compact Digital Kitchen Scale
    • #6. Digital Kitchen Multifunction Food Scale
    • #5. Digital Versatile Food Scale
    • #4. Digital Kitchen Multifunction Meat Food Scale
    • #3. Digital Kitchen Scale Multifunction Food Scale
    • #2. Digital Kitchen Scale Multifunction Food Scale
    • #1. Multifunction Digital Scale
  • Conclusion

Top 10 Best Food Scales In 2023 List

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Etekcity Digital Kitchen Food Multifunction Weight Scale with Bowl Timer, and…Check It Now
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#10. Digital Food Kitchen Scale

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By – NYard

This digital food scale comes with a lifetime warranty which goes on to show its quality. The design and color of the scale are outstanding, and it will catch eyes in your kitchen. The platform is of stainless steel, and hence, it is easy to clean instantly. Moreover, the surface is fingerprint-proof, and it is quite easy to use and read the readings. Besides, it takes minimal space for storage, and there are four different units available for measurement. They are grams, pounds, ounces, and milliliters for fluids.

Additionally, the availability of the tare function ensures that you can measure only the food item and not the container. If you are adding ingredients while weighing them, it is highly useful as the increase is gradual and you can stop when your target shows up. Moreover, it is power efficient as it automatically switches off when not in use for more than 2 minutes. It is ideal for all the different food items you have in your kitchen. It operates on 2 AAA batteries, and the maximum weight capacity is 5000 grams. Moreover, it returns to zero automatically, and you do not have to press any reset button.

In Short:

  • Color and design is made awesome
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Will not occupy excess space for storage
  • Showcases 4 diverse units for measurements

#9. Digital Kitchen Multifunction Food Scale

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By – Etekcity

With a super-slim design, this food scale has a stainless steel platform. When compared to other kitchen scales, this is 30% larger and is perfect for a medium to a large kitchen. This is very easy to clean and is a durable product. This will give you a precise measurement and has the capacity of 5 kilos. The modern aesthetic will enhance the beauty of your kitchen. It has many functions and is very simple to operate. With just the press of a button, you can change the unit and measure different commodities effectively. Moreover, it consumes very low power, and there is also an indicator which has an auto-off.

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You can turn it on or off any just pressing the button and will allow you a hassle-free weighing of your items. Furthermore, you can even weigh liquids on the food scale. The product comes with a replacement warranty of one year and works with GP AAA batteries. Besides, this will also measure very quickly and comes with pre-installed batteries. The crystal clear LCD display is very convenient to read, and there is also a low battery indicator. It is very portable and will not require much space for storing.

In Short:

  • Its stainless steel base conveys high stability
  • During operation, it will not expend much power
  • Can flawlessly work with GP AAA batteries
  • Its LCD display is crystal-clear and easy to read

#8. Digital Kitchen Scale With Dough Scraper

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This is a digital food scale for your kitchen which will give you precise and accurate results. The capacity of this food scale is 5 kg and has a strain gauge sensor system. Apart from food, you can also measure liquids, spices, medicine, and jewelry and you can even change the unit. This is made up of stainless steel and has a special coating that is resistant to the fingerprint. This is also resistant to corrosion and is dustproof. Besides, it is effortless to maintain as well as to clean.

With a stylish hanging design, you can store this anywhere and will give a modern touch to your kitchen. The design is very slim and will last for a long time. You can hang it anywhere and put to versatile usages. The product has a one year warranty as well as lifetime service. This is powered by a battery, and you will also be getting a dough scraper for free. Additionally, the LCD screen can display weights in g, ml, fl, and oz and has an auto-off function. This will also warn you about the low power.

In Short:

  • Durability is guaranteed by stainless steel construction
  • Resistant to corrosion and dust
  • Its LCD screen can display weights in different measurements like ml, g, fl, and oz

#7. Compact Digital Kitchen Scale

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This food scale has many features and comes with a warranty of five years. The stainless-steel platform makes it very attractive as well as easy to clean. This will give you accurate results in weighing your food items, and you lead a healthy life. It is powered by batteries and comes ready to use. It is convenient as well as simple to use and can weigh small items without any hassle. Moreover, the auto-off feature will save the batteries and you can even change the unit and convert it.

In addition to this, the LCD display can also give a low battery indication. This is perfect for the kitchen for your everyday life. You can check and measure the exact ingredient that you want for your recipe. Moreover, the LCD display is effortless to read. With a capacity to measure up to 6 kilos, this food scale has an exquisite look. This is ideal for your kitchen and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. You can keep your nutrition in check and will not occupy much space in your kitchen.

In Short:

  • Precise outcomes while weighing different food items
  • Includes a warranty of five years
  • Low battery precisely indicated by its LCD display
  • Ca flawlessly measure food items up to 6 kg

#6. Digital Kitchen Multifunction Food Scale

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By – Accuweight

This is another fantastic food scale for your kitchen which will give you accurate results. It has four high precision sensors and can measure up to 5000 grams. The platform is made up of tempered glass and is very safe. It is also very hygienic, and you can clean it very quickly. Moreover, this does not require much space to store and has the facility of unit conversion. This can measure in fluid ounces, milliliters, pounds, grams, and ounce. The product comes with a warranty for one year, and you can also extend the warranty for three years.

A perfect item for your kitchen, this is very portable and lightweight. The LCD display is very easy to read and will display the weight accurately. With the tare function, you can zero the container when you weigh multiple ingredients at a time. Besides, with this, you will be able to save power as it shuts off automatically. The backlit LCD will also display low battery, and it comes in a sleek design. This has Liquid Measurement Technology, and hence, the weight of liquid products will be far more accurate.

In Short:

  • Capable to measure in different unit i.e. fluid ounces, pounds, milliliters, grams, etc
  • Use of tempered glass material improves safety
  • Keeping in mind the use in the kitchen, this scale is made lightweight and portable
  • Low battery level indicated by bright LCD display

#5. Digital Versatile Food Scale

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This is a compact food scale which is also lightweight. You can use it anywhere you want, and you can watch out for your daily intake of calories. You can eat healthier and check the nutrients to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This is also very easy to use and will give an accurate measurement. Additionally, this digital scale can also measure liquids and will provide you with quick results. If you are unsatisfied with the product, then you will be getting a full refund of 30 days. You can easily change the unit or weigh your food items in different units.

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This will automatically remember the unit you prefer. You will just have to press the reset, and then you can begin it all over again. Furthermore, the “tare” function of the food scale allows checking the weight of the items without weighing in the container’s weight. The LCD display is very smart and will notify you regarding the container. This works on two AAA batteries and can measure many items at a time. This is easy to operate and one of the best food scales for your kitchen that has all the amazing features you need.

In Short:

  • Accurate measurements make sure the food preparation is delicious
  • Allows you to keep an exact track on your daily intake of calories
  • Facilitates easy conversion of different units to weigh food items
  • It is easy to maintain nutrients accurately

#4. Digital Kitchen Multifunction Meat Food Scale

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By – AccuWeight

The food scale comes with a tempered glass surface, and it is capable of weighing up to 11 pounds. The product has some of the advanced sensors to provide accurate measurement of the ingredients. You can also choose from multiple units of measure as per your convenience. This food scale has various advanced features like it shows low battery warning as well as overload indication. It is also energy efficient and operates on 2 AAA batteries.

Moreover, you can weigh the weight of the ingredients only without the weight of the bowl or container due to its zero or tar function. The surface is stain-resistant and easy to clean with a wet cloth. Furthermore, it is quite compact in size and takes less space in your kitchen. On top of that, the company offers three years of warranty.

In Short:

  • Allows you to know the low battery level condition
  • Operation is based on 2 AAA batteries for use on the go
  • Includes 3 years of warranty
  • Can weigh up to 11 pounds of stuff

#3. Digital Kitchen Scale Multifunction Food Scale

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By – Etekcity

This is one of the bestselling food scales with a maximum capacity of 11 pounds of weight. The precise sensors are highly effective in showing the most accurate measurements. Hence, it is one of the best food scales to opt for. On top of that, the food scale has a temperature sensor which is highly effective in cooking. There is an additional timer to push you to increase your productivity. The LCD screen is quite large for easy reading, and it looks very sleek.

Besides, the stainless steel construction makes it a product that can last a lifetime. The bowl on top of it is detachable and easy to clean instantly. It will be handier in mixing and pouring than a flat surface. The display also has backlit for easy readability in low light conditions. Moreover, there are low battery and overload indicator embedded in it. The product has multiple certifications for its quality and efficiency.

In Short:

  • Reading can be easily read on its bright LCD screen
  • The display is equipped with backlit for convenient readability in any lighting condition
  • Incorporates low battery level indication feature

#2. Digital Kitchen Scale Multifunction Food Scale

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By – Etekcity

This is one of the most elegant looking food scales with silver surface and stainless steel construction. In fact, it is also one of the sturdiest, and there are 4 precise sensors available for accurate measurement. The maximum weight capacity is 11 pounds, and it is a perfect item to have in your kitchen to make delicious foods like the professional chefs. The surface has anti-fingerprint property, and it is easy to clean and maintain.

Moreover, the essential tare function is available due to which you can get the exact weight of the ingredients only without the weight of the bowl or container. The product is rather lightweight an easily portable. There is also an automatic shut-off feature and the company offers one year warranty. The LCD shows a clear display and there are multiple units of measurement available. The slim design and silver finish make the food scale eye-catching.

In Short:

  • Precise measurements are shown by its 4 sensors
  • The entire surface is quite simple to clean
  • Implements automatic shut-off feature to save the energy
  • Clear display results are shown on its LCD screen

#1. Multifunction Digital Scale

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By – Ozeri

This is the best food scale in terms of accurate and features. There are multiple color options available, and overall, it looks very elegant. You can weigh in largest as well as smallest items comfortably. The maximum weight limit is 11.24 pounds or 5100 grams. For the convenience of the users, there are five different units of weight measurements available. The conversion between the units is instant, and there is a large LCD screen available for easy reading.

Moreover, the Tare button can calculate the extract weight of the ingredients without adding the weight of the bowl or the container. The weighing platform is quite large, and it is easy to clean and store conveniently. The product runs on 2 AAA batteries, and after two minutes of inactivity, it shuts off automatically. The batteries are included in the package, and it is the high-grade sensors that help the food scale to weigh the ingredients accurately.

In Short:

  • Presents measurements in 5 diverse units
  • Easy reading allowed by its huge LCD screen
  • Shuts off automatically after 2 minutes of inactivity
  • Accurate weighing is possible by high-grade sensors
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While buying a food scale for your kitchen, you should check the upper and lower limit so that it is suitable for you. Moreover, the units of measurement must be as per your convenience. Most of the above-listed best food scales have awesome build quality to sustain a lifetime, and they have accurate sensors for exact measurements. The best part is that you can measure the ingredients only by subtracting the bowl or container weight automatically. Moreover, a few of them can weigh in liquid ingredients with the temperature reading.

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