Top 12 Best Headphone Stands In 2023 — Product Reviews

A headphone is one of the most popular electronic devices these days. We all have it, and some of us have more than one or two. And if you happened to buy those expensive ones, you sure need to keep it organized. This is why headphone stands come into the market. This little tool can help professionally keep your headphone and help organize and space up your desk. Finding the best headphone stands might not easy as there are many types and brands available on the market. However, with a little help from this article, it is easier for you to make your buying decision. Below is the full analyze and review of Top 12 Best Headphone Stands In 2023 that are currently available with the best features and constructions. Let’s check them out right here!


  • List Of Best Headphone Stands
    • #12. Universal Headset Holder For Over Ear Headphones
    • #11. Gaming Headset Holder With Aluminum Supporting Bar Silicone
    • #10. Universal Aluminum Alloy Gaming Headset Earphone Holder
    • #9. Headphone Stand With USB Charger
    • #8. Acrylic Under-Desk Stick-On Headphone Hanger
    • #7. Dual Headphone Stand
    • #6. Universal Wooden & Aluminum Headphone Stand Hanger With Cable Holder
    • #5. Universal Metal Headphone Holder Hanger Clip With Adjustable Clamp
    • #4. Aluminum Headphone Stand Headset Hanger With Cable Holder
    • #3. Headphone Stand Headset Holder
    • #2. Acrylic Gaming Headset Holder/Hanger
    • #1. The Headphone Desk Hanger
  • Conclusion

List Of Top 12 Best Headphone Stands In 2023

EletecPro Headphone Stand Holder,Universal Aluminum Alloy Gaming Headset…Check It Now
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Headphone Hanger, AmoVee Acrylic Under-Desk Stick-on Headphone HangerCheck It Now
Headphone Stand, MOCREO Acrylic Dual Balance Headset Stand Gaming Headphone…Check It Now
Avantree Universal Wooden & Aluminum Headphone Stand Hanger with Cable Holder,…Check It Now
Headphone Headset Stand Holder, 6amLifestyle Universal Metal Gaming Headphones…Check It Now
Avantree Aluminum Metal Headphone Stand Hanger with Cable Holder, Black Desk…Check It Now
Headphone Stand Headset Holder New Bee Earphone Stand with Aluminum Supporting…Check It Now
AmoVee Acrylic Headphone Stand Gaming Headset Holder/Hanger, Extra Thick – BlackCheck It Now
Brainwavz Hengja – The Desk Headphone Hanger Stand Mount, All Metal, Headset…Check It Now

#12. Universal Headset Holder For Over Ear Headphones

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By – Fantanics

This headphone stand has aluminum alloy construction, and naturally, it is stable. The product is also very durable and is made with sandblasting treatment. It securely holds the headphone, and it will also not slip. Moreover, this is very stable and has flexible TPU robber in the top and bottom. You can place it anywhere you want as it can stand firm.

With this, you will also be able to save your desktop space, and it will fit in headphones of any size. Furthermore, this is very easy to install, and you can also disassemble it with ease. This is lightweight and is something that you can rely on. It also comes in a chic design and is easy to carry. Additionally, it looks very elegant and comes with universal mounting.

In Short:

  • Made lightweight for easy carrying when needed
  • Saves the desktop space when used
  • Top and base comes with TPU robber
  • Will avoid slip during use

#11. Gaming Headset Holder With Aluminum Supporting Bar Silicone

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By – Link Dream

Made with aluminum alloy pole, this headphone stand is very easy to assemble. You can assemble it in less than 30 seconds and has a perfect gravity. It comes in three parts and is a very sturdy product. There is also a rubber grip which ensures that your headphone does not fall when you keep it in the holder. Moreover, it has excellent cushioning and will not damage your table.

Besides, it is very durable and is made up of ABS and TPU grade rubber. You can save the space on your desktop. Additionally, this can hold headphones of all sizes and is a very reliable product. This comes in two different colors and will hold your headphone in an upright position. This is also lightweight and will be perfect for gamers and music lovers.

In Short:

  • Convenient to assemble when needed
  • Issues of fall are avoided by a rubber grip
  • High durability is guaranteed by ABS and TPU grade rubber
  • Presented in 2 diverse color choices

#10. Universal Aluminum Alloy Gaming Headset Earphone Holder

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By – EletecPro

This is one of the best headphone stands and it is from EletecPro. This is a simple yet elegant headphone stand which is made up of high-quality material. The aviation aluminum-made stand has been hand polished to ensure that it lasts for a long time. It also has CNC molding and is a very sturdy product. Besides, this has a flat base which will effectively hold your headphones and will not slip. It is also very portable and can be assembled or disassembled very quickly.

You can easily carry it anywhere you want as it is also environment-friendly. This comes with universal compatibility allowing you to place headphones of any size. This is a widely used headphone stand which can be used at home, office, or in exhibition centers. Moreover, it is lightweight and occupies less space from your desktop. This reliable product will not disappoint you when it comes to performance.

In Short:

  • Made environmental-friendly
  • Can be used for casual and professional applications
  • Quick assembly and disassembly

#9. Headphone Stand With USB Charger

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This headphone stand comes in universal design and has many amazing features. It allows you to charge your device as it has two power outlets and three USB charging ports. This is why it is one of the most versatile, productive and best headphone stand on the list. This comes in a sleek design and will let you charge your device very quickly. This is ideal for home or office as you can easily connect your speakers, Bluetooth devices or laptop. Furthermore, it is fire-resistant and is a durable product.

It has a plastic outer shell, and there are many other safety features. This is also lightweight, and you will be getting many other accessories with it. The aluminum headset stand is very strong and is compatible with headphones of many sizes. It will securely hold your headphone and will consume less space from your desktop. This has an eye-catching look and is also very functional.

In Short:

  • Its 2 power outlets, as well as 3 USB charging ports, facilitates flawless charging
  • The sleek design allows quick charging
  • High safety guaranteed by the plastic outer shell
  • Its aluminum headset stand is sturdy

#8. Acrylic Under-Desk Stick-On Headphone Hanger

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With this desktop stand, you will be able to save the space on your desktop. This looks simple and will hang your headphones. You will get access to your headphone in no time and will ensure that your desktop remains neat and clean. This is made up of acrylic material and has an elegant look. This is very sturdy and is also very reliable. Moreover, the headphone hanger is durable and can hang headphones of all sizes.

It is also straightforward to install, and you will only have to peel the adhesive and stick it anywhere you want. It will not scratch your headphones and will ensure that they do not fall. This is very compact, and it can also be molded. However, you need to ensure that the surface where you are going to fix this has to be clean. It is one of the most affordable yet quality headphone stand.

In Short:

  • Hassle-free to install and use
  • Made extremely durable and capable to hang headphones of varied sizes
  • Easy and quick access to headphones
  • Eliminates scratch on headphones

#7. Dual Headphone Stand

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In this headphone stand, you will be able to hold two headphones at a time. This is sturdy and allows you to reach to your headphones in no time. It has a thick base and will not break easily. Besides, this is bidirectional and is also very easier to assemble. With this, your desktop will look tidy, and it will also safely hold your headphones. There will be no fear of dropping your headphones and is a reliable product.

Additionally, the stand is stable and comes with universal compatibility. It is also detachable and comes with a screwdriver and screws. This is lightweight and allows you to store other items on its base. This can also be used as a cell phone stand and place your mobiles both on the base and on the holder. This is a useful stand which can be used either at home or in the office.

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In Short:

  • No chances of drop
  • Can easily hold two headphones simultaneously
  • Boast universal compatibility to work with different headphones
  • Facilitates storage of items on its bottom

#6. Universal Wooden & Aluminum Headphone Stand Hanger With Cable Holder

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By – Avantree

This is a fantastic headphone stand which is suitable for larger headphones. The aluminum and wooden-made stand comes with universal compatibility and will fit in most of the headphones. This is a perfect resting place for your headphone, and it also looks very stylish. This is very safe, and it is also stable. Additionally, it can ideally fit in any place of your house as it has a wood base.

This is lightweight and will ensure that your headphones don’t drop on the ground. It is also sturdy and has a longer height when compared to ordinary headphone stands. This is very easy to assemble and disassemble and will light up the area wherever you place it. This is a very useful headphone stand and will allow your headphones to sit comfortably on it without putting pressure on it.

In Short:

  • Its overall design makes sure drop issues are zero
  • Its long height allows convenient handling
  • Can comfortably fit in any place

#5. Universal Metal Headphone Holder Hanger Clip With Adjustable Clamp

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By – 6amLifestyle

The multi-purpose, omnipresent headphone stand is made of premium quality metal. It is robust enough to efficiently tackle the load of both heavy and lightweight things like headphones, bag, umbrella, shopping bags and many more. Basically, this stand is a clip hanger with an adjustable clamp and needs the locking knob with nylon screws to fix this on the edges of your desk or computer table.

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The advantage of this holder is that it does not engage your desk space. It has anti-slip gripping with the raised tip on the edge. You need no further tools to install this item. The height regulating feature of this stand suits almost every thickness of the desks and tables. It is one of the best headphone stands on the list.

In Short:

  • Comes with an adjustable clamp for easy hanging
  • Will not occupy much desk space
  • Possesses anti-slip gripping with elevated tip over the edge
  • No extra tools needed for installation

#4. Aluminum Headphone Stand Headset Hanger With Cable Holder

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By – Avantree

If you have wired headphone with trouble, then this headphone stand with a wire holder can help you out. The universally designed headphone stand is nearly compatible with all the wired or wireless headphones. Besides, you can stress-freely organize and safely store your headphone by putting on the holder. The robustness of the steel stand and the firmness of the silicone pad make this product last longer.

Additionally, it does not cause any scratches to your headphone. This stand, with a simple but stylish look, looks pretty good on your office desk, studio room, bedroom and computer desk. The headphone stand does not involve any critical installation. It requires zero repairs. This keeps a proper balance to hold your headphone steadily.

In Short:

  • The stand is made robust to ensure stability
  • Long-lasting use is guaranteed by a silicone pad
  • Fashionable look entices mood
  • Safe storage and easy hanging

#3. Headphone Stand Headset Holder

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By – New Bee

This headphone stand needs easy three parts assembling. The aluminum alloy rod, TPS rubber headset and a solid base keep your headphone in its proper place. This effortlessly portable gadget is perfect for the tabletop of your bedroom or workspace. You require no extra effort to search for your headphone randomly. By simply placing your headphone on the stand will make your life easy.

Moreover, the holder matches all the headphones sizes like children’s headphones, noise emitting headphones, gaming headphones telephone headset and so on, universally. This wireless, lightweight and yet sturdy headphone stand does not cause any toppling or wobbling with modern texture. You simply set this stand almost everywhere, like on the computer desk, bookcase, recording room and likewise.

In Short:

  • Can be easily installed on desk, table, bookcase, etc
  • No additional effort while hanging
  • The simple organization of headphones
  • Its solid base ensures great stability

#2. Acrylic Gaming Headset Holder/Hanger

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By – AmoVee

The ergonomic design with manufactured from acrylic, this headphone holder is much better, sturdier and up to date than the previous ones. You do not need to put your headphone here and there anymore, just utilize this balanced headphone holder to keep your place non-messy. With the polished dark shade, smooth curve, treated edges, and pointedness, this stand provides content gripping over your headphone and yet looks perfect for every place.

The headphone holder comes with less design to have a clean and tidy appearance. It suits almost every kind of headphones universally. The sand does not overturn or get weaken while hanging the headphone on it. This product lasts longer with low maintenance. There is no doubt that it is one of the best headphone stands you should buy.

In Short:

  • Presents a neat and clean appearance
  • Ergonomically designed to add to the aesthetic
  • Excellent grip to your headphone
  • Long-lasting use with reduced maintenance

#1. The Headphone Desk Hanger

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This is the best-rated headphone stand, and it has high-quality metal construction. There is no doubt that it is highly durable and super reliable. Besides, it is light in weight, and there is no question of bending or breaking. The design is adjustable to fit on the desks and tables of various thicknesses. The design is such that it is rotatable and you can use it on horizontal as well as vertical surfaces. Moreover, it is unique in outlook, and you can use it anywhere you want.

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In fact, it is smaller than the traditional headphone stand and also sturdier to carry headphones of various weights. It is quite innovative, compact, and sleek in design. Besides, you can install it in a few minutes, and the minimum thickness of the surface has to be 14mm, while the maximum can be 40mm. If you have a gaming headphone or something quite heavy, you have to opt for it to buy the best value headphone stand.

In Short:

  • Design is made rotatable
  • Can be easily set up on vertical and horizontal surfaces
  • Within a few minutes, installation can be done
  • Adjustable design conveniently fits on the desk


While buying headphone stands, you should ensure two things. The stand should be able to carry the weight of your headphone, and the stand must be compatible with the thickness of the desk. If there is a system for better wire management, you should always go for that. Go through the above best headphone stands to understand what they have to offer and check their pictures out before deciding which one to buy. All of them are highly durable and quite elegant to add to the beauty of your desk.

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