Top 13 Best Overhead Garage Storages – Products Review

Free up the floor space in your barn by using one of the Top 13 Best Overhead Garage Storages – Products Review in the market. This unit comes in different styles and sizes to meet everyone’s garage storage needs. Also, it helps declutter the room to ensure you have easy access to all the stored valuables. Some models come with an adjustable drop-ceiling length for you to set the item to your desired position. Apart from these benefits and features, we have an in-depth review of the top units available in most stores. Read the following article with the Top 13 Best Overhead Garage Storages – Products Review.


  • Best Overhead Garage Storages Review List
    • #13. Platform Lifter Motorized Overhead Garage Storage
    • #12. DIY RhinoMini Universal Shelf Kits For Garages
    • #11. Two Way Adjustable Overhead Storage Hanger
    • #10. Cargo Box Ceiling Storage Hoist
    • #9. Overhead Garage Storage Combo Kit
    • #8. Hangers Overhead Ceiling Mount Storage Unit
    • #7. Adjustable Garage Ceiling Mount Storage
    • #6. Overhead Storage System
    • #5. Wall Mounted Steel Shelf
    • #4. Overhead Rack – 500 LB Capacity
    • #3. 4×8 Overhead Garage Storage Rack
    • #2. Wall Shelf Garage Storage
    • #1. Double Ladder Ceiling Rack
  • The Best Overhead Garage Storage: Buyer’ Guide
    • Maximum Weight
    • Material
    • The Finish
    • Size
    • Versatile Design
    • Installation
    • Open Storage Shelving
    • Ceiling Drop-Length
    • Price and Style
  • Conclusion

List of Top 13 Best Overhead Garage Storages

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#13. Platform Lifter Motorized Overhead Garage Storage

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The first item we review is by the Garage Smart company that uses a motorized system. It eliminates the need for manually raising and lowering your stored item hence a quicker and efficient tool. Also, its 3ft by 3ft storage area is enough to accommodate lightweight components such as farm tools, crates, and much more. You can even install this structure in lesser time than the other brand’s thanks to its friendly design. In addition, this accessory has an advanced construction that supports wireless control. Use your tablet or smartphone or tablet to control the movement. With unique Force feedback, it lets you know when you are almost reaching the load limit.

In addition, the speed control lifts and lowers to preferred stopping points automatically. In case you exceed the weight capacity, an overload protection system comes in to prevent any lifting. Simply remove some of the load for the system to raise this garage storage smoothly. Note that the included self-leveling function ensures you have a comfortable hands-free spooling. Weighing just 32 pounds, this equipment supports up to 175lbs per rack. The design of this storage works well for ceiling heights with an 8-16 feet height. You can daisy chain this lifter with most Garage Smart products, thanks to its power pass-through technology.

In Short:

  • The motorized system prevents manual raising and lowering of loads
  • Provides 3ft by 3ft storage area to accommodate lightweight items
  • Allows smartphone wireless control
  • Comes with an overload protection system to avoid dangerous lifting
  • Easy to use and install

#12. DIY RhinoMini Universal Shelf Kits For Garages

Overhead Garage Storage

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The RhinoMini shelf is among the top overhead garage storage suitable for home and commercial use. Its simple design lets you, professional contractors, and residential builders enjoy a straightforward installation. Also, you don’t need any expert skills, making it ideal for handymen and women to complete the assembly quickly. Use the supplied installation kits that fit most sheds and garages. Start in the middle or corner of a wall to meet your desired configurations. Made from marine-grade aluminum alloy, this item is super safe and longlasting.

Attach the 3-inch lag screws to a wooden wall stud to get maximum strength. Besides, the white powder coating is attractive and durable as it resists aesthetics easily. What’s more, this unit measures 16ft x 20ft to hold multiple items at the same time. You can pick other sizes available such as 4′, 8′, 12′, and 16′ for customized garage storage. The shelf is 20” deep to fit a regular rectangular milk-style crates. Moreover, the versatile design of this best overhead garage storage allows use in laundry rooms, sewing rooms, workshops, barns, sheds, and warehouses.

In Short:

  • The simple design allows set up in homes or commercial places
  • Easy and fast installation thanks to the pictorial directions
  • Its marine-grade aluminum alloy is super safe and longlasting
  • Comes with 3-inch lag screws for maximum strength
  • It fits most common square milk-style crates

#11. Two Way Adjustable Overhead Storage Hanger

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By: Lehigh

If you’re planning to buy one of the excellent overhead garage storage, the Lehigh is a cheaper option. It costs around 14 dollars but keeps your valuables secure at all times after the installation. Not only that, but also the grey finish looks great in most shed, garage, and barn settings to add extra appeal. This item weighs 2.7 pounds to simplify the carrying and lifting process. Measuring 1.5 inches long x 27 inches wide x 22.5 inches wide, it has enough space to accommodate a variety of accessories.

Additionally, the use of super-strong stainless steel supports a 50-pound load and below. You can put crates, farm tools, and other products comfortably as the material will not rust to retain its original appeal even after prolonged use. Lehigh hanger boasts a 2-way adjustable storage design for added flexibility. It has protective end caps at the zinc-plated finish to minimize and prevent scratches and other surface dents. Manufactured in China, this best overhead garage storage is lightweight and uses only the require off-the-floor space. Plus, the mounting allows one person to finish the setup without any problems.

In Short:

  • Costs around 14 dollars for an affordable and stable storage
  • Can be used in a barn, shed and even RC storage
  • Comes with strengthened steel for anti-rust and durability
  • Lightweight design weighs only 2.7 pounds
  • Allows one person to complete the set up comfortably

#10. Cargo Box Ceiling Storage Hoist

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By: StoreYourBoard

The Hi-Lift ceiling hoist is an excellent solution to free up the garage or shed floor space. At the same time, its modern structure can accommodate bulky vehicle roof rack cargo against your ceiling. Priding an advanced pulley system, it provided a 4 to 1 mechanical benefit for you to raise and lower a load quickly. You can do this without an extra set of hands, making this item super convenient and reliable. Another thing is the supplied independent ceiling brackets and heavy-duty straps to let you adjust to your ideal setup. At the same time, this flexibility ensures you clear up valuables off the floor inside the retail store, garage, or shed.

The cables are made from durable nylon which has excellent wear and abrasive resistance. What this means is an extended use before repairs or replacement issues. Moreover, this overhead garage storage comes with protective rubber casings which prevent scratches. They are located around each buckle to secure the straps in place. Featuring an auto-locking brake technology, it uses gravity to clip the rope for added security. This product costs under 35 dollars, to ensure most users enjoy a secure ceiling garage storage.

In Short:

  • Hoists bulky loads safely off the floor
  • The pulley system raises and lowers load efficiently
  • It has nylon straps for abrasive-resistance and durability
  • With protective rubber casings, they prevent scratches
  • Affordable and simple to mount

#9. Overhead Garage Storage Combo Kit

Best Overhead Garage Storages

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By: SafeRacks

This rack weighs just 120 pounds but holds a large load of 600 pounds. You can remove it from the packaging carefully and install easily without assistance. Ensure you follow the supplied instructions to minimize setup frustrations. Also, the white finish is appealing and brightens most shed or garage spaces. Built to last, this item is made of quality steel that provides industrial strength. Not only that but also the powder coat finish can resist rusting and scratches easily. You can now mount this storage system in any environmental condition.

Furthermore, this best overhead garage storage supports a customized setup and usage thanks to the adjustable ceiling drop-length. Pick your preferred level between 18 to 33 inches to get maximum flexibility. An advantage we like is the unique channel design for beauty, simple setup, and amazing strength. It maximizes the available off-the-floor space to keep your garage neater and accessible. In addition, this kit contains two 4’ x 8’ racks and 18-piece hook accessories. The size is perfect for holding small to long-handled valuables, especially for the seasonal sports equipment.

In Short:

  • Its 120-pound weight can hold up to 600-pounds of load
  • Easy to install thanks to the supplied directions
  • Made using industrial-strength steel for appeal and durability
  • The premium powder coat resists scratches and rusts easily
  • Adjustable ceiling drop-length for a customized setup

#8. Hangers Overhead Ceiling Mount Storage Unit

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By: Quick-Shelf

Another top-rated overhead garage storage we have in our list is the Qucik-Shelf mount. It has a high load limit of 1,400 pounds, making it among the largest in the market. You can now keep both the light and bulky items securely inside your garage. Not only that, but also you can fix this item in a basement or shed. We like the simple design to smoothen and quicken installation to the desired location. Plus, a 24-inch width hoods up to 12ft of board length. The 8 ceiling attachment points come in handy when you fix this rack. You only need a drill, screwdriver, and 3/16″ drill bit to finish the setup.

This equipment has four 24” W x 16” H shelf hangers, 8 hanger clips and more accessories to make sure you have all the necessary installation tools. What’s more, the friendly structure accommodates either melamine or plywood for added storage safety. It measures 24.5″ deep x 19″ high for easy carrying and usage. Note it can be extended up to 10 feet if you use 3/4-inch thick wood.

In Short:

  • The shelf hangers can hold up to 1,400 pounds
  • Frees up valuable garage, basement or shed floor space
  • Its 24-inch width holds up to 12ft of board length
  • Comes with 8 hanger clips to quicken the installation
  • Easy to set up, use and maintain

#7. Adjustable Garage Ceiling Mount Storage

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By: HyLoft

The HyLoft storage kit is among the most affordable ceiling mounts with a user-friendly structure. Costing around 35 dollars, you can get excellent performance for a long time. Also, you can customize the garage space to declutter the area and allow quick access to the stored items. This product can be mounted under decks, finished or unfinished ceilings, inside or outside, and even to a narrow or deep space. It all depends on your most comfortable and reliable storage location. The adjustable height allows setting from 17 to 26 inches while the width moves between 242 to 34 inches. Not only that, but it also fits a joist spacing for customized setup length.

You can add this unit to an existing platform, or use it independently to hold bulky items. The sturdy square tube style comes in an attractive powder coat for excellent scratch resistance. Measuring 34” x 26”, it gives you a smooth out-of-the-way service to keep loads off the floor. For instance, lumbers, kayaks, and long-handled tools get maximum safety. Constructed from durable steel, the racks support up to 250 pounds of load. This makes it a secure storage system to store seasonal sporting goods such as kayaks.

In Short:

  • Affordable and user-friendly construction
  • Frees up a shed or garage floor space
  • Can be mounted to a narrow or deep space
  • Customizable length for more installation flexibility
  • Suitable for holding seasonal sporting goods

#6. Overhead Storage System

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By: HyLoft

Most people store their valuables that are not frequently used in garages or sheds. At some point, the setting can get cluttered, leading to poor access to the items. That’s why we have this HyLoft overhead storage suitable for keeping your space organized at all times. You can store your bins, luggage, containers, baskets, seasonal decorations, and coolers safely. Besides, this perfect overhead garage storage is appealing and ensures valuable floor space is left for opened for other purposes. Crafted from longlasting steel, it is durable and steady at all times. Whether you live in a dry, humid, or cold environment, it will not crack or wear out quickly like the rest.

Another feature we love about this equipment is its large load of up to 250 pounds. Not only for safety but also distributes the weight evenly to add more storage convenience. This unit’s construction comes with a premium white powder coat for excellent scratch-resistant and beauty. You can set it to a modern or contemporary-looking shed as it complements the style naturally. Furthermore, the height-adjustable design allows adjustment from 17″ to 28″ for customizable storage. Also, it can fit most joist configurations after using the supplied hardware.

In Short:

  • It helps keep garages and sheds organized
  • Holds bins, luggage, containers, baskets, seasonal decorations
  • All-steel construction is safe, appealing and reliable
  • Supports up to 250 pounds of load
  • Customizable storage system thanks to the height adjustment

#5. Wall Mounted Steel Shelf

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By: NewAge Products Inc.

The NewAge mount has made it to this leading overhead garage storage list due to its simple and yet functional design. It provides 16 sq. Ft of raised storage per rack to help clear garage floor space. Not only will this make the room accessible but also neater whether you have small or large equipment. Each shelf is made from quality steel to hold up to 600 pounds. Besides, the material has high strength and appeal to sustain more loads than the other metals. This item’s aircraft-grade steel cables offer maximum support for over 3,000 pounds. You can now hold your valuables safely in the shed without worries about floor space. Note that the cords can be fixed to ceiling joists, wall studs, or other shelf designs.

What’s more, the provided hardware and high strength fasteners improve the setup process. You can mount on a concrete or wood stud setup to get maximum safety. We take note of the multiple installation options from 18 inches length from the ceiling to let you adjust to the most comfortable, safest, and easily accessible position. Priding a premium powder-coat paint, it protects your rack from scratches. It is color-matched to compliment the cabinet frames. A 1-inch safety lip prevents valuables from sliding.

In Short:

  • Provides 16 sq. ft of raised storage per rack
  • The steel construction holds up to 600 pounds
  • Its cable support accommodates over 3,000-pound load
  • The high strength fasteners improve installation
  • Comes with a 1-inch safety lip to prevent valuables from sliding

#4. Overhead Rack – 500 LB Capacity

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By: MonsterRax

When you want to store your heavy equipment, you need a reliable storage area and device. The MonsterRax brand has decided you design this overhead rack which can hold up to 500 pounds. This weight limit is larger than even the pricier designs to give you maximum safety as well as load stability. With an adjustable ceiling drop-length, you can customize the angle ranges that meet your needs. Pick a level such as 12″-21″, 18″-33″ and 24″-45″ to enjoy a comfortable storage position. Designed using robust ceiling brackets, they are made of 14-gauge steel for maximum durability. Besides, they span to two ceiling joists for additional rigidity.

This item’s waterfall design looks great and also facilitates a more comfortable and quicker assembly. You can set it up more safely than the other brands by using standard tools. We love the case-hardened and stylish lag bolts for optimum security in a ceiling connection. No more worries of shakes or falls after loading your items on the storage rack. Furthermore, this accessory Hammertone finish prevents and hide dents or scratches for more appeal.

In Short:

  • Holds a large load up to 500 pounds
  • Adjustable ceiling drop-length is customizable to suit different needs
  • Quality ceiling brackets enhance durability
  • Lovely waterfall design to quicken and smoothen the setup
  • Its hammertone finish prevents and hides dents or scratches

#3. 4×8 Overhead Garage Storage Rack

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The other item in this great overhead garage storage we review is the Fleximounts rack. It gives you a super easy installation than the rest with its modern grid structure. Also, it prevents the need for serrate assembly of the wire and frame, hence more convenient. Follow the simple step by step diagrams and use the installation template to quicken the setup. Alternatively, you can watch multiple video tutorials online if you need additional information. This unit has an adjustable ceiling drop-down height between 22′ to 40 inches. It gives you up to 105 cubic feet of storage with a 33-inch ceiling drop-down level.

Measuring 96 inches long x 22-40 inches high x 48 inches wide, it gives you maximum storage space. You can place all your farm tools such as spades, quickly and comfortably. Moreover, this device is constructed using cold-rolled steel with a robust 14-gauge strength to support up to 600 pounds. Not only that, but it does this by distributing the weight evenly for more safety. Use the 4 pieces of flat hooks and 2 parts of utility hooks to hang other lighter loads. Boasting of bright and attractive white finish, the framework is appealing.

In Short:

  • Its grid structure lets you enjoy a quick installation
  • Simple to follow step by step setup diagrams
  • The adjustable ceiling drop-down height adds flexibility
  • Strong 14-gauge steel supports up to 600 pounds
  • Distributes and balances the loads’ weight evenly

#2. Wall Shelf Garage Storage

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The Fleximounts is a leader in the storage and mounting appliances. With this one, it is made in Vietnam using heavy-gauge steel. Not only to provide maximum safety but also to support up to 400 pounds of load. Now, you can keep all your essentials tools safely and off the floor. The material is also simple to maintain, unlike the rest which rust or break after a short time. Besides, this gadget is simple to install for one person to finish the set up quickly. Use the provided hardware and installation template to position the mounting holes correctly. Plus, a bubble level aids in getting the perfect horizontal location.

Furthermore, this device is more stable and sturdy, thanks to its buckle design and Velcros. They work together to give you excellent strength to keep the brackets from bending or falling. What’s more, the included high-quality screws have passed the strictest safety tests to provide you with added assurance. This product looks great in its black finish to complement most garage styles. You can place it in a corner, center, and other desired position to enhance the room’s decor. Note that these rack floating shelves are ideal for securing to a solid concrete wall or wall studs. It is not recommended to fit to use it for metal studs.

In Short:

  • Its heavy-gauge steel can hold up to 400 pounds
  • Simple one-person installation
  • With a buckle design, it has excellent strength
  • Lovely and durable black finish
  • It helps keep items off the garage floor

#1. Double Ladder Ceiling Rack

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By: StoreYourBoard

Some accidents in most households are caused by items laying down on the floor. Whether in the basement, garage, or other places which can be avoided. This rack is one of the best overhead garage storage that improves safety and convenience. It has a modern design to double the ceiling storage thanks to the two-sided frames. Now, you can place your ladders quickly and off the floor. Made from quality steel, it will not peel, crack, rust, or chip as the rest. Not only that, but also this metal can hold 75 pounds per side, totaling to 150 pounds.

We love the adjustable height of this item for more flexibility. Simply adjust the column in the middle from 10 to 18 inches for the perfect thickness and stability. Besides, you customize the position to fit your storage and space needs. Note that the arms are removable with a gentle push of the button if you’re worried about the size and length of your ladders, no need for that. This equipment has 25-inch wide arms and 18-inch thick storage to accommodate a variety of ladder styles. Whether you stack vertically, angled, or other position, they will have maximum stability.

In Short:

  • It improves garage storage safety and convenience
  • Comes with two-sided racks for double ceiling storage
  • Quality steel is durable and holds 150 pounds
  • The adjustable height adds more flexibility
  • Simple to remove the arms

The Best Overhead Garage Storage: Buyer’ Guide

You can clear the clutter and free up floor space in your garage with a reliable storage system. Most people use an overhead design because it’s easy to install and makes a shed, barn, and even basement look neat. If you are thinking about purchasing one, we have an informative guide to help you through this process. It focuses on the performance, material, flexibility, and even cost-effectiveness of the product. They are as follows:

Maximum Weight

The first factor you should check is the maximum load the overhead garage unit can support. Some designs can hold over 1400 pounds while other less than 400 pounds. It all depends on the number and weight of the items you’re planning to store. Also, you should avoid exceeding the load limit to prevent slipping and even breaking.


Another feature is the material used to construct the storage accessory. Most models are made of steel because of its excellent strength and also appeal. It can withstand excessive use and load pressure better than the other material. Not only that, but also maintaining this metal is more straightforward.

The Finish

Check to see if this accessory has a premium finish mostly made from powder coat. This painting has amazing abrasive resistance to help prevent scratches and dents. As a result, it will keep your storage unit appealing for an extended time. Still, on safety, some models have protective rubber caps for added security.


When comparing the different overhead garage storage, check its size. The large ones are perfect for keeping heavier loads such as kayaks, ladders, and much more. For the lightweight and compact designs, you can store crates, boxes, and other essentials. Also, the dimensions play a huge part when setting up the item. The broader or longer it is, the trickier it is to assemble.

Versatile Design

Where do you plan to install your storage unit? Is it in a garage only? If you have a shed, laundry rooms, sewing room, workshop, barns, or warehouses, pick a multipurpose structure. For instance, the DIY RhinoMini lets you assemble in different locations.


The next feature you should put in mind is the installation process. When you buy this product, you’ll find directions for setup, and others are pictorial. Not only to quicken but also add comfort to the assembly. In case of problems, a lot of online tutorials are available with clear instructions.

Open Storage Shelving

An open storage system lacks doors that need constant opening and closing for things used often. This design is perfect for the goods you use or need often. That’s why overhead garage storage lacks any doors or closures to support easy access. You can use it to hang bikes, kayaks, ladders, and more gear, mainly seasonal sporting equipment.

Ceiling Drop-Length

Most of these storage accessories have an advanced design that lets you adjusts the

Ceiling drop-length. Usually, the height increments are in inches, not exceeding 20 inches to give you a customized setup. At the same time, you can install this device to your most comfortable position to access seasonal items quickly.

Price and Style

Lastly, consider the amount and style of this storage system. Some cost less than 14 dollars while others more than that. But remember, the pricier models have more features that improve the safety and stability of the stored items. For style, you can choose a color that complements your garage’s look, such as white, black, grey, and more subtle tones.


With the above choices we have of the best overhead garage storage, you can enjoy secure item access. Not only that, but it also keeps valuables off the floor to make the shed more accessible and neater. Furthermore, installing this gadget is quite easy for most users. Simply follow the provided setup directions and use the hardware to quicken the assembly. Remember to check the material used for construction. If the model is made of hardened steel, the better its strength. Plus, this material is safe and abrasive-resistance. Pick one product we have in this best overhead garage storage to maximize the barn ceiling space.

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