Top 9 Best Motion Activated Sprinklers In 2023 Review

My main reason for moving away from the city to the suburb was to enjoy peace. I mean, at my advanced age, I was getting a little too tired of the busy lifestyle, regular traffic, constant hooting from vehicles, and some noisy neighbors. In my new neighborhood, the only noise I could hear was the humming bees, singing birds, and maybe some hissing of reptiles.

Well, the raccoons, hares, squirrels, deer and other animals that came to scavenge on my yard, were threatening this peace. I didn’t like the idea of erecting an artificial fence, and I knew to grow a natural one would take forever. Also, I still wanted to enjoy the beautiful and scenic views of the fields and hills. After much thought and consultation, I decided to go for motion-activated sprinklers. Since my move to the suburb, 10 years ago, I have owned quite a number of sprinklers. Nonetheless, the following, in my opinion, are the Top 9 Best Motion Activated Sprinklers In 2023 I have owned or come across.


  • List Of Best Motion Activated Sprinklers
    • #9. Scarecrow Solar Motion Activated Animal Sprinkler
    • #8. Powerful Water Jet Blaster Animal Motion Activated
    • #7. Enforcer Motion Activated Pest Sprinkler
    • #6. Motion Activated Animal Repellent
    • #5. Spray Away Motion Detector Sprinkler
    • #4. Powerful Outdoor Water Blaster Animal Motion Activated
    • #3. AK7 2-In-1 Water Sprinkler Animal
    • #2. Cobra Powerful Outdoor Water Jet Blaster Animal
    • #1. Yard Enforcer Motion Activated Sprinkler
  • Things To Know About Motion Activated Sprinklers
    • How To Pick A Motion Activated Sprinkler?
    • Type of Fastening
    • Sensor of Motion
    • Type of Feeding
    • Prices
  • Final Word

List Of Top 9 Best Motion Activated Sprinklers In 2023

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Enforcer Motion-Activated SprinklerCheck It Now
Hoont Cobra Powerful Outdoor Water Jet Blaster Animal Pest Repeller, Motion…Check It Now
Orbit 62100 Yard Enforcer Motion-Activated Sprinkler with Day & Night Detection…Check It Now

#9. Scarecrow Solar Motion Activated Animal Sprinkler

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By: Elenker

If you are looking for a humane way to scare off animals, then this water sprinkler should suit you fine. I love the fact that that it can run off solar as well as a 9-volt battery. Also, this helps to conserve battery energy since solar energy is free. I also admire its large coverage that can reach as far as 1000 square feet. This unit is straightforward to install and is suited for the home and business as well.

Reasons To Buy This:

  • Solar option to conserve battery power
  • Spray width of 0 to 300 degrees for better coverage
  • Solar-powered for day and night use
  • 2-3 cups per activation to minimize water usage
  • Sensitivity dial for added versatility

#8. Powerful Water Jet Blaster Animal Motion Activated

Top 9 Best Motion Activated Sprinklers In 2023

By: Hoont

This is one of the most human-animal repellents I have ever used. Furthermore, the sprays are powerful but won’t harm the creatures. I also realized that despite the large coverage, it consumes minimal water. Assembling the unit is a breeze thanks to the simple design and easy to follow instructions. Last but not least, this unit also scores well regarding construction quality, easy adjustability, and reliability.

Reasons To Buy This:

  • 5-second sprays duration to conserve water
  • Detection range of up to 30 feet for better performance
  • Water spraying angle of 360 degrees for effective coverage

#7. Enforcer Motion Activated Pest Sprinkler

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By: Orbit

My neighbor currently has this animal deterrent, and for the many years he’s owned it, it has never had any problems. Installing the system took us a few minutes and worked/works like a charm. Also, it delivers a nice spray that covers a wide-angle and long-range. The motion is very sensitive and will sense even tiny creatures. Its main advantages include simplicity, quality construction, water-efficient, and durable.

Reasons To Buy This:

  • Advanced Infrared motion sensor to detect both large and small animals
  • 120-degree sensor range for wide coverage
  • 35-foot adjustable sprinkler for versatility
  • 2 cups of water per activation to conserve water

#6. Motion Activated Animal Repellent

Top 9 Best Motion Activated Sprinklers

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By: ScareCrow

Other than scaring away animals like hare, rabbit, skunks, squirrels, deer, and birds, this water sprinkler helped to ensure my lawn was mess-free. Initially, the creature would defecate, urinate, and step over the flower beds.

Furthermore, the main reason I chose this item was that it has very good reviews regarding easy installation, good spray pattern and distance, and easy to maintain. Lastly, it’s made from quality materials to withstand the element and regular use.

Reasons To Buy This:

  • Audible water spraying sound for an instant scare
  • Spraying distance of 1,200 square-feet for application in most situations
  • Powerful but harmless spray for humane scaring

#5. Spray Away Motion Detector Sprinkler

The product is currently not available.

By: Havanhart

This is presently the animal repeller I’ve installed at my property. I have had it for close to a year, and it is the best I’ve ever owned or come across. I love its versatile design that suits it for different situations. Also, it is very sensitive and will be triggered even by small animals such as squirrels and rodents. Last but not least, it took me less than 10 minutes to install and worked amazingly well from the word go.

Reasons To Buy This:

  • Multi-unit system for versatility
  • Superior Infra-red technology for sensing small and large creatures
  • Quick water bursts to minimize water usage

#4. Powerful Outdoor Water Blaster Animal Motion Activated

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By: Hoont

Like other motion-activated sprinklers by Hoont, this one is also designed to keep your lawn, yard, or garden free of animals. It comes in a good design that ensures that no harm is done on the animals. Furthermore, this is achieved through the use of powerful yet harmless spraying.

It also emits some audible sound that will startle the rabbit, squirrel, rat, deer, skunk, squirrel, or any other even before the water reaches it. I’ve seen this unit installed at homes, businesses, institutions, and many other places.

Reasons To Buy This:

  • Simple design for easy setup
  • Powerful but harmless spray for humane scaring
  • Adjustable design to select the best angle and range
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#3. AK7 2-In-1 Water Sprinkler Animal

Top 9 Best Motion Activated Sprinklers

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By: Digoo

I had never had about the DIGOO brand. Therefore, when I came across it at a friend’s place, I was quite interested in it. To tell you the truth, I was amazed at how a small and simple device would emit powerful jets. It also had excellent coverage that guaranteed the user of peace and quiet.

My friend told me of how sensitive the IR sensors were. He also praised the unit because it released short water bursts and this conserved water. Also, a closer inspection of the unit indicated that it was made from quality material and this ensured the sprinkler lasted for a long time.

Reasons To Buy This:

  • Sensitive IR Sensor for quick and easy detection
  • Adjustable water nozzle for quick selection of preferred angle and distance
  • Two-spray mode for added flexibility
  • Solar-powered to maximize energy from the sun
  • Built-in 800mAH rechargeable battery keeps a charge for long

#2. Cobra Powerful Outdoor Water Jet Blaster Animal

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By: Hoont

Scaring unwanted animals from your yard or lawn doesn’t mean you are spending hours keeping an eye and running all over the place. You also don’t need to spend lots of money or effort on an unproven product. Simply install the Cobra water-activated sprinkler from Hoont.

On top of that, it’s popular for homes and office location and prides on being one of the easiest and most effective. It does an amazing job of preventing cats, dogs, skunks, squirrels, rabbits, rodents, and other creatures from accessing your property. Also, it’s revered for its good performance, reliability, good construction, and simplicity.

Reasons To Buy This:

  • Powerful water pray that also emit a scary sound
  • Adjustable design for selecting the preferred angle and range
  • Stays on for 5 seconds to conserve water
  • Simple design for quick and easy setup

#1. Yard Enforcer Motion Activated Sprinkler

Top 9 Best Motion Activated Sprinklers

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By: Orbit

Before my current motion-activated animal repellant, I was using the 62100-Yard Enforcer by Orbit. I loved the wide-angle that provided good coverage and the heavy-duty construction that guaranteed me of longevity. Moreover, it came with motion sensing for day or night and allowed me to select the best mode depending on the time. Lastly, it uses 4 AA batteries that keep the charge for a fairly long time.

Reasons To Buy This:

  • 120-degree motion sensing for good coverage
  • Intelligent sensing technology maximizes battery power
  • Short water bursts to conserve water
  • 35-foot adjustability for improved efficiency
  • Brass hose connection and metal step spike for strength and stability
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Things To Know About Motion Activated Sprinklers

There are many people unaware of the term �?motion active sprinklers’. From the name, it can be guessed that the operation will be controlled by motion, but it is important to understand what does this entire term mean. Basically, a motion-activated sprinkler is a small unit which when placed it in any convenient place could fix a moving object by the use of a motion sensor. There is the implementation of advanced sensor techniques in the recent model of these sprinklers.

During the operation, they will throw a powerful water jet towards the required direction. Now you will get rid of rabbits, squirrels, and other animals scavenging on your yard. So, now there will be no compromise in peace and the same would not get threatened. By its implementation, you will be able to relish the scenic view o nature at your own comfort. Before purchasing and using such sprinklers, it is vital to know some of the essential things, so take a look below:

How To Pick A Motion Activated Sprinkler?

The Key Parameters To Be Considered Are

Type of Fastening

The manner to fix the motion activated sprinkler unit is unique so that it would not fall off. Generally, it is a pin that makes up 15-20 % of total unit length and this pin is inserted into the ground. This kind of fastening is considered as the most comfortable way. On the market, there are several models of motion activated sprinklers that do not have fastening and they are positioned on a wide stand. Using them in this way might present less stability.

Sensor of Motion

The sensor of motion is next big important thing to be considered. A viable option is the prospect to customize sensitivity. It is useful because it allows you to determine an intruder based on its weight. For example, based on the weight of a dog or squirrel, the intruder will be decided. An additional benefit is the ability to control the detector position. The same is essential in the situation your enemy is a bird, so the sensor guided towards the ground will not be allowed to notice it. The regulation of water jet power is another plus point. The water jet sufficient for a rude neighboring dog might be too powerful for lightweight squirrels. The same can be differentiated and balanced.

Type of Feeding

Different ways of feeding are possible, i.e. solar batteries, accumulators, and electric circuit. It is true that the batteries own outstanding mobility, but they demand to recharge. The use of solar supply suggests independent charging and hassle-free transportation. The electrical circuit type feeding implies that there is no need to spend on batteries, but mobility will be compromised.


The typical price of motion activated sprinklers for the battery-operated variants is average $60-$90. The price may differ for the solar-powered motion activated sprinklers.

Final Word

Motion activated sprinklers are without argument one of the best ways to keep the unwanted creatures at bay. One unit covers a relatively large area and doesn’t need human intervention. The top types are very sensitive and will ensure that even the small creatures such as rodents are also scared away. Another reason that makes this particular type of sprinkler popular is the easy assembly and affordability.

Having faced the same problem you probably are having now when it comes to animals such as deer, hare, squirrels, raccoons, and others intruding your space, I have used or come across many types. Some worked pretty well while others left a lot to be desired.

The good news, fortunately, is you don’t need to go through the tedious and lengthy process to own a good product. Simply choose any item that is listed on this Top 9 Best Motion Activated Sprinklers. Other than good and long-lasting service, you are also assured of peace-of-mind.

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