11 Best Vegetable Steamers For Your Kitchen In 2023 Reviews

Why spend a lot of money to get a healthy diet when there is a better and affordable way to do so? Nowadays, fast foods have become more accessible and widely available. Many people often indulge in junk foods because of limited time and also the mythology that healthy food is expensive. The latter is a fallacy because this ever-involving world has come up with ways to improve the diet of an individual. The numerous accessories available have made this more than possible.

For instance, there are cooking gadgets that are not only affordable but also guarantee a nutritional-full diet. There is no need to go to those pricey restaurants when you can prepare a healthy meal in the comfort of your home. In this article, we have done some research and found these 11 Best Vegetable Steamers with top-rated quality and affordable prices that you can buy.


  • List Of Best Vegetable Steamers
    • #11. 6-Cup Vegetable Steamer
    • #10. 8-Cup Vegetable Steamer
    • #9. Bamboo Steamer Set
    • #8. Double Tiered Food Steamer, 5 Quart
    • #7. 100% Stainless Steel Vegetable Steamer Basket/Insert
    • #6. (Large and Standard) Vegetable Steamer Basket Set
    • #5. Stainless Steel Basket Vegetable Steamer
    • #4. Vegetable Steamer Basket – BEST Bundle
    • #3. Collapsible Colander & Food Steamer
    • #2. Asian Kitchen Bamboo Steamer, 10-Inch
    • #1. Electronic 2-Tier Food Steamer
  • Verdict

List Of 11 Best Vegetable Steamers In 2023

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#11. 6-Cup Vegetable Steamer

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By: Aroma Housewares

This product comprises an aluminum steam tray that guarantees a longlasting service and also a rust-proof experience. Also, the above food accessory comes with a full-view tempered glass lid to allow clear visual inside the unit during steaming. Besides, this item boasts of a compact design that allows easy handling, cleaning, and storage.

Moreover, the food steamer uses a multi-purpose functionality that enables the steaming of veggies, fish, meat quickly while retaining their nutrients. Furthermore, the aroma housewares cook unit comes with a non-stick inner pot that not only saves you money but also allows easier cleanup. Additionally, the item above is easy to operate due to the simple and straightforward construction by use of a switch.

In Short:

  • Packages come with 6 cups to use interchangeably
  • Versatile –allows you to steam fish, veggies, and meat
  • Steaming process is quick and efficient
  • Simple construction enhances ease of operation

#10. 8-Cup Vegetable Steamer

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By: Aroma Housewares

Aroma houseware has this fantastic 8-cup rice cooker and food steamer that easily accommodates and not only cook but also steam large quantity of food items. Also, this unit has a multi-purpose construction for heating both meat and vegetables effortlessly. This product weighs 4.2 pounds, thus allows easy carrying, storage, and cleaning.

Besides, this accessory features a plastic steaming tray that gives prolonged service and easy cleanup. Furthermore, the item above boasts of a programmable dial to allow simple, easy and hands-free use as compared to the traditional steamers. Also, this food item has a modern design that adds extra aesthetic effects in your kitchen. Furthermore, with this unit, you get a free user manual for more in-depth and straightforward instructions.

In Short:

  • Only weighs 4.2 pounds for easy carrying mechanism
  • Package includes 8 cups
  • No issues with cleaning or storage

#9. Bamboo Steamer Set

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By: Joyce Chen

The above 2-tier bamboo steamer comprises 2 stackable bamboo baskets that add extra aesthetic beauty to its surroundings. Also, this unit comes with a sturdy domed lid ideal for trapping in moisture to offer a faster steaming process and efficient energy use. Also, the product above boasts of a modern design that uses steam to cook and heat foods while still retaining their nutrients. Again, the above food steamer ensures a zero-oil and zero-fat use while cooking, thus supports a healthier food lifestyle.

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Moreover, this item weighs 2.3 pounds which makes it easy to use the unit while storing, washing, and even operating. The accessory measures 10 inches in diameter, thus easily let in food items into the baskets and steams them to give out a healthy end product.

In Short:

  • While steaming, the nutrients will get retained
  • Appearance showcase modern design to enhance the elegance
  • For easy portability and cleaning, it just weighs 2.3 pounds
  • Des does not use oil or fat during steaming

#8. Double Tiered Food Steamer, 5 Quart

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By: Oster

Oster food accessory boasts of a dual steaming mechanism that separately but simultaneously cooks different types of food, thus saves a lot of time. Also, this unit features an automatic 60-minute timer which alerts you once cooking time elapses. Similarly, this product has an inbuilt auto-shutoff functionality that automatically shuts off the entire group once cycle completes or water level reduces.

Furthermore, this food steamer comes with a power indicator light that acts as a guide to show when your item is on. Besides, with the above accessory, it is inclusive of 2 transparent steaming bowls that are not only dishwasher safe but also large enough to accommodate food items efficiently. Also, this item has a compact design which allows easy usage and storage.

In Short:

  • Incorporates an automatic 60-minute timer
  • The included 2 transparent steaming bowls are sufficiently large
  • All bowls have a compact design for easy storage
  • Implements auto-shutoff functionality

#7. 100% Stainless Steel Vegetable Steamer Basket/Insert

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By: Sunsella

The Sunsella food steamer has a sturdy steel extension handle that offers excellent support when stacking, using, unstacking and washing the unit. Also, this item boasts of a central ring that allows easy and straightforward removal from pan. Besides, with this food accessory, the modern design with easy to screw off a central post, gives you more countertop space during storage.

This product uses a multi-purpose functionality to allow steaming of meat, eggs, desserts, chicken, seafood, dumplings, fruits and vegetables effortlessly. Moreover, with this food unit, it features strong legs to hold the entire item with ease. Furthermore, the product above is dishwasher safe to allow smooth cleaning process. This accessory has an expandable construction can accommodate large food items and collapse for secure storage.

In Short:

  • Use of 100% stainless steel boasts high durability
  • Presence of a central ring allows easy detachment from pan
  • Capable of steam a wide range of foodstuffs
  • Can easily store huge sized food items

#6. (Large and Standard) Vegetable Steamer Basket Set

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By: Sensible Needs

The Sensible Needs food steamer has a 3-in-1 construction including a large and standard steamer basket plus the universal hook which offers maximum safety in handling hot buckets. Also, it comes with a 2-size fit measuring 6.4″ to 10.5″ for large and 5.3″ to 9.5″ for the standard size to add more convenience when in use. Moreover, with this item, it is made from food-grade 304 stainless steel which not only allows nutritional foods but also guarantees even heat distribution throughout the cooking process.

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Furthermore, this food unit comes with a removable hook that lets you stack and lift the baskets easily. Additionally, the longer legs give more height to allow a seamless operation. Besides, the accessory mentioned above has a collapsible design that allows easy storage, cleanup, and use.

In Short:

  • Presented in 2-sizes to remove the hassles during use
  • Nutrients in the food will be preserved
  • No troubles to clean it
  • High durability conveyed by the use of food-grade 304 stainless steel material

#5. Stainless Steel Basket Vegetable Steamer

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By: GA Homefavor

The above food steamer has a stylish design with food-grade 304 stainless steel that guarantees healthy foods, rust-proof interior, and exterior for extended service. Also, this product has a lotus mechanism that expands from 7″ to 11″ for use in different pans and pots and easily collapses to a compact size for simple and easy storage. Equally, this food steamer features a durable plastic handle that stays cool even while in operation for added safety during insertion and removal from pots.

Besides, this item has a dual-use mechanism that you can use not only as a steamer but also a filter or even a fruit basket. Also, this product comes with big fold-out feet that help to keep steamer 1 3/4 ” above water for added user convenience. Furthermore, with this unit, the foldable feet are made from silicone that ensure your working surface is scratch-free.

In Short:

  • Boast a lotus mechanism that extends from 7″ to 11″
  • Allows you to use it as a filter or as a fruit basket
  • Easily collapses into small size for easy storage
  • Presence of a durable plastic handle enhances safety while using pots

#4. Vegetable Steamer Basket – BEST Bundle

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By: kitchen deluxe

The above item boasts of high-grade stainless steel construction that does not stain and rust easily to give you extended user experience. Also, it features a multi-purpose use that allows use as a strainer, egg rack, colander and even a trivet to save you money on additional accessories. Moreover, this item has a collapsible design that uses minimum storage space and can expand to fit various pan and pot sizes. Besides, the accessory above is inclusive of a lifetime warranty to give you peace of mind throughout the entire steaming process.

Furthermore, this food steamer comes with a safety hook to guarantee safe use at all times. The item has a removable solid center loop that gives you maximum stability when stacking and removing the steaming bowls. Additionally, this food accessory has a free safety tool and a recipe book that has a variety of interesting recipes.

In Short:

  • Capable to steam vegetables and other food items perfectly
  • Safe use is guaranteed by the included safety hook
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Occupies minimum storage space

#3. Collapsible Colander & Food Steamer

Get it now on Amazon.com

By: MSC International

MSC international always have fantastic products like this food steamer which easily pops up for easy access to food items. This unit features a collapsible construction that extends easily to accommodate a considerable amount of food items and also collapses for secure storage. Also, this item has a versatile use to allow rinsing, draining and steaming vegetables, eggs, poultry, dumplings, meat, desserts, and seafood effortlessly. Moreover, this food accessory is made from silicone which is BPA Free to guarantee your working surface is scratch-free. With this item which weighs 4 ounces, it offers smooth handling operation.

Additionally, this product comes with a non-stick pot that ensures cleaning is simple and as enjoyable as possible. Besides, the item above has the footed mechanism that helps to elevate food above the steaming water for more convenient and safe removal. Furthermore, this steamer has an adjustable feature that allows various pots to fit in with ease. Not to forget, the sturdy construction, dishwasher safe and heat-safe elements ensures maximum safety.

In Short:

  • No problems to collapse it in small size after use
  • Includes a non-stick pot to facilitate hassle-free cleaning
  • Being dishwasher safe and sturdy construction ensures great safety

#2. Asian Kitchen Bamboo Steamer, 10-Inch

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By: Helen’s Asian Kitchen

The above accessory prides on having a multi-purpose functionality for cooking and reheating veggies, meats within minutes, thus save time. Also, this product has a 10-inch in diameter to accommodate a considerable amount of food items without the need for overcrowding. Also, with this item which is handcrafted from 100% and comes with bamboo pegs is both eye-appealing and eco-friendly. Moreover, the accessory has tightly woven bamboo slats with a tight-fitting lid to ensure no steam escapes, thus a more quick and efficient cooking process. Similarly, this unit guarantees food nutrients remains intact because of the tight-fitting lid and practical mechanism.

Furthermore, the above food steamer is inclusive of an instruction booklet that gives clear and concise directions for added user-experience. Additionally, the product weighs 2 pounds to offer easy portability, storage, and cleaning. Again, this accessory has an attractive design that blends in well with most kitchen appliances. Besides this item, you get a recipe booklet that features healthy and tasty foods. Another feature this unit boasts of is a simple construction that ensures the handwashing process is comfortable and enjoyable.

In Short:

  • Made with 10-inch in diameter to sufficiently hold different food items
  • Benefits easy portability and storage by weight being 2 pounds only
  • Comfortable to clean and maintain
  • Retains its durability for long term

#1. Electronic 2-Tier Food Steamer

Get it now on Amazon.com

By: Oster

The title of the best vegetable steamer goes to this product, Oster 5712. It has a simple to use control panel that allows food to steam with a simple press of a button. Also, the food steamer has a wide LCD to enable easy readability and selection. Besides, this product has a versatile technology that ensures different steaming options for meat, fish, vegetables, plus more food items. Moreover, this item is inclusive of a quick reference guide to assist in correct water measurements and time. Furthermore, the above accessory has an inbuilt exterior water level indicator that shows you where the water level is in case if more is needed. Likewise, the food steamer comes with an exterior water-fill inlet to allow easy refilling of water with zero interruption.

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Additionally, this product features a 2-tier capacity with 2 transparent steaming bowls measuring 3 4/5 quart, 2 2/7 quart that easily stacks and steam two types of foods simultaneously but with no flavor crossover. Besides, the above accessory boasts of an instant-steam functionality that uses 900 watts to heat the reservoir water evenly and automatically generate steam within seconds. The quick steaming process helps to steam your food items like eggs and be ready within minutes. With this unit, it comes with a recipe book that has many healthy and easy to do recipes.

In Short:

  • A wide LCD included for easy readability
  • Includes many different steaming options
  • Incorporates an exterior water-fill inlet
  • Contains a quick reference guide


The above list has the best vegetable steamer currently in the market. The numerous benefits they offer including affordability, easy use, and cleanup, healthier meals plus more make them ideal for anyone yearning for a healthier lifestyle. Also, the different types including the bamboo steamers act as an excellent gift idea.

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