The 9 Best Pool Vacuum Heads Review 2023

If you are looking for the The 9 Best Pool Vacuum Heads Review 2023, then you might want to carefully read this article. Taking a swim in the hot days of summer is a rewarding experience. You get to beat the heat, enjoy the surrounding, or simply bond with the family or friends. While relaxing in the swimming pool is a nice experience, cleaning the pool isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. In fact, many people postpone the activity. This, however, has negative effects since the pool won’t be as clean, clear and hygienic.

The reason for not likening cloning the pool is because it’s tedious and can take quite some time to get rid of the debris, gunk, slime and other debris. The good news, however, is that you don’t need to use conventional methods. With a vacuum cleaning unit, you’ll be able to suck the debris without getting into the water. It also works fairly fast and doesn’t require lots of time and effort. In this article, we are going to review the The 9 Best Pool Vacuum Heads 2023 in the market.

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  • #9. Pro Pool Vacuum Head With Wheels & Aluminium Handle
  • #8. HydroTools Weighted Half Moon Pool Vacuum Head
  • #7. Butterfly Pool Vacuum Head With Swivel Hose
  • #6. Pool & Spa Vacuum Head – 13″ Wide
  • #5. Triangle Vinyl Liner Swimming Pool Vacuum
  • #4. Professional Flexible Swimming Pool Vacuum Head
  • #3. Weighted Flex Vacuum Head
  • #2. Sea-Thru Triangle Weighted Pool & Spa Vacuum Head
  • #1. 14” Flexible Spa & Pool Vacuum Head
  • The Best Pool Vacuum Head- Buying Guide
    • Pool Size
    • Head Size
    • Waterproof
    • Durability
    • Suction Power
    • Cost/Price
  • Conclusion

List of 9 Best Pool Vacuum Heads Review 2023

#9. Pro Pool Vacuum Head With Wheels & Aluminium Handle

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By: Aquatix Pro

Cleaning the pool is much simpler with this vacuum head. We love the flexibility which makes using it conveniently. It’s also ideal for different types of pools including above and in the ground. The head measures 14 inches wide and should be ideal for most applications. It swivels easily sucking in all kinds of debris. These include leaves, grass, paper, dust, grime and more. It’s a lightweight piece and fits nicely on most devices. The aluminum construction handles the pressure and water well. It doesn’t rust or corrode and also maintains its good looking nature.

The handle feels nice in the hand, not too soft and also not too rough. It’s a suitable piece for concrete, plaster, tile and other kinds of pool surfaces/ finishes. The head will handle a wide range of pressure well. It will also maintain steady performance for even cleaning of the swimming pool. Thanks to the telescopic handle, you can vary the height to suit different situations and users.

In Short:

  • The head is flexible and suitable for different pools
  • The head has a practical width of 14 inches
  • It’s a lightweight piece and handles the pressure well
  • The unit is built from rust and corrosion-resistant aluminum
  • It’s a good choice for different pool types including concrete and plaster
  • The handle is telescopic
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#8. HydroTools Weighted Half Moon Pool Vacuum Head

Best Pool Vacuum Heads

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By: Swimline

Cleaning or vacuuming the pool will be less of a struggle. All you need is this vacuum head by Swimline. It fits on most vacuum systems well and remains intact. The unit can handle different types of pressure and this makes it one of the versatile pieces on offer. It should work okay with vacuum hoses measuring from 1.25 to 1.50 inches in diameter. The half-moon design seems to work quite well in many situations. These include in-ground, above ground, plaster, concrete, tile and other types.

To keep it steady especially during use, it comes with a weighted head. One thing that makes it a top pick is the quick snap adapter that fits in 99% of vacuum poles in the market. Removable, just like fitting is also straightforward. The width and height of the head are good enough for daily use. It feels strong yet light at the same time. This ensures there is minimal addition of unnecessary weight to the entire system.

In Short:

  • This vacuum head handles different pressures well
  • It can fit on vacuum hoses with a diameter of 1/ 4 to 1 ½ inch
  • The unit is suitable for most types of pools
  • It features a quick snap adapter for easy fitting and removal
  • The accessory will work with up to 99% of vacuum poles

#7. Butterfly Pool Vacuum Head With Swivel Hose

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By: U.S. Pool Supply

U.S Pool Supply usually surfaces when talking about the best pool vacuum heads in the market. The company has many good choices and this is one of them. One thing we like it for is its simple design and basic style. It will fit in the vacuum pole easily. Moreover, it remains firm for maximum suction and also to prevent loss of pressure. According to the manufacturer, this piece is fit for hoses measuring1-1/4″ and 1-1/2 inches. Both sizes fit easily and don’t require the use of specials tools or too much effort.

It will get rid of different kinds of debris from the floor and surface of the pool. It works on plaster, concrete, vinyl-lined, in-ground and also above ground swimming pools. For easy attaching to poles, you’ll find an EZ clip handle. The body remains intact at the bottom of the pool and won’t be swayed or moved by the vacuum or pressure. This is courtesy of the weights.

In Short:

  • This head comes in a simple and basic design
  • It attaches on vacuum hoses with a diameter of 1/ 4 and 1 ½ inches
  • The unit is ideal for concrete, vinyl-lined, and plasters pools
  • The EZ clip helps to attach it to vacuum poles
  • It features weights to keep it grounded at the bottom of the pool

#6. Pool & Spa Vacuum Head – 13″ Wide

Best Pool Vacuum Heads

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By: Milliard

With this head, you’ll have little trouble cleaning the swimming pool. It doesn’t matter if it’s a large, medium or small pool. The unit is also suitable for above as well as an in-ground pool. It comes in a simple style which makes attaching it to the poles easier. The width of 13 inches proves ideal in many situations, both domestic and commercial. It fits nicely on the pole/hose and this ensures the dirt and debris are sucked out of the water.

The head maintains a nice hold on the surface to remove even the tiny particles. In addition, it moves smoothly on different surfaces, whether concrete, plaster, or vinyl lined. It is compatible with vacuum hoses measuring 1.25” and 1.5-inches in diameter. For easy attachment to the extension pole, the device features spring-loaded clips which also lock it tightly on the pole. And to prevent too much suction or pressure forming, the head comes with air-relief valves. Like most good choices, this one is also weighted.

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In Short:

  • This head is suitable for different types of pools
  • It is simple in design and has a width of 13 inches
  • Works with 1.25” and 1.5-inch vacuum hoses
  • The unit moves swiftly on different surfaces
  • It features a spring-loaded clip for easy and firm attachment to the hose
  • The head is weighted for a firm hold

#5. Triangle Vinyl Liner Swimming Pool Vacuum

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By: Poolmaster

Poolmaster 18510 triangle head is ideal for cleaning vinyl lined swimming pools. It will eliminate different kinds of debris including grass, leaves, grime, dirt, sand and more. The accessory will attach to many vacuum hoses easily and effortlessly. The unit has a decent width of 10-3/8-inches and should be appropriate for home and commercial pools. The height is also good and together with the nice openings with suck in the unwanted stuff.

It’s made from sturdy plastic and will handle the wetness, pressure, suction, debris and other things quite well. It rolls smoothly in the pool surface and also maintains a nice hold to prevent the escape of pressure. It features an easy-to-replace perimeter brush made of polypropylene. The material is strong and durable. It’s also nonabrasive and won’t damage the surface of the vinyl liner. It’s a weighted head and won’t be moved or toppled easily by the waves or movements.

In Short:

  • This item is designed for vinyl-limed swimming pools
  • The head has a width of 10-3/8-inches
  • It comes with replaceable polypropylene perimeter brushes
  • The head is weighted and is less likely to tip over

#4. Professional Flexible Swimming Pool Vacuum Head

Best Pool Vacuum Heads

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By: Fibropool

This is among the heads that have a generous dimension. It measures 14.4(L) x10.5 (W) x2.25 (H) inches. This will help you to vacuum the swimming pooling shorter time. You will also use less effort and energy. It’s a lightweight piece and won’t add unnecessary weight to the vacuum pole or hose. Moreover, it attaches to most units quite easily and doesn’t require any tools. The recommended diameter size is 1.5 inches. Once attached, it won’t come off unless you remove it.

The thermoplastic body grabs the surface firmly to prevent loss of suction. This ensures even the little specks or stuck leaves or paper is eliminated. The heads is also very flexible to work on tight spots or corners. And since its plastic, it won’t rust, corrode and will keep the nice appeal for a longer time. To keep it firm on the surface, it comprises 6 integrated weights. You also get a stylish chrome-plated metal handle. Additionally, the durable urethane wheels and smooth-rolling bearing balls improve movement and minimize friction.

In Short:

  • The head has a decent size of 14.4(L) x10.5 (W) x2.25 (H) inches
  • It’s made from tough thermoplastic
  • It attaches to hose diameter of 1.5 inches
  • The head comes with a chrome-plated handle
  • Comes with 6 built-in weights for stability
  • The urethane wheels and ball bearings offer smooth movement

#3. Weighted Flex Vacuum Head

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By: Swimline

With the Swimline Weighted Flex cleaning or vacuuming the swimming should be less of a challenge and more effective. It’s a simple-looking head which should fit well on most standard vacuum hoses and poles. Once attached it stays intact and won’t be unhooked by the pressure. The head is extra-wide, measuring 14-inches. This should speed up the operation due to the wider cleaning path. The accessory handles different types of debris including grime, dirt, leaves, paper, and grass clippings.

It’s easy to attach and is compatible with vacuum hoses with a diameter of 1-1/4-inch and 1-1/2-inches. The design works well in-ground, above ground, plaster, concrete, tile and other types of pools. To keep it stable and prevent it rising during use, it features integrated weights. It’s a popular choice due to the quick snap adapter that makes attachment and removal simple and easy. Nevertheless, it remains firm all through. the height just like the width is also good. It feels strong courtesy of the sturdy plastic materials and good engineering. It’s rust and corrosion resistant and also easy to clean.

In Short:

  • This 14-inch wide vacuum head handles the tasks well
  • It n fit on vacuum hoses and poles with a diameter of 1/ 4 to 1 ½ inches
  • The unit is ideal for most types of swimming pools
  • It features a quick snap adapter for quick and easy attachment and removal
  • The accessory is made of durable plastic
  • The head comes with built-in weights for extra stability

#2. Sea-Thru Triangle Weighted Pool & Spa Vacuum Head

Best Pool Vacuum Heads

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By: Milliard

This product by Milliard is one of the best pool vacuum heads in the market. It comes in a see-through design that allows you to see the debris and functioning. We like the simple and easy design which boosts functionality. It will readily fit into the standard vacuum pole and will maintain peak suction. It is 11 inches wide and okay for most pools. Moreover, the tight sealing stops pressure loss. This piece is suitable for hoses measuring 1-1/4 “and 1-1/2 inches and is easy to use. It also doesn’t involve the use of special instruments.

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It will eliminate various debris from the pool and works seamlessly. The wheels glide smoothly while the weights keep it steady and prevent it from rising up. The rubber bumpers protect the sides as well as the pool surface from damage. It also comprises nylon bristles to scrape the dirt off the surface. This piece feels sturdier than most options and the reason for this is the sturdy ABS plastic construction.

In Short:

  • This head is 11 inches wide and easy to fit
  • It attaches on 1/ 4 and 1 ½ inch hoses
  • The unit is ideal for vinyl-lined pools
  • The rubber bumpers protect the unit and the pool surface
  • It features n nylon bristles for better cleaning

#1. 14” Flexible Spa & Pool Vacuum Head

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By: Milliard

With this pool vacuum head, you’ll have an easy time cleaning the swimming pool. Whether it’s a large, medium or small pool, the unit is suitable. It works with above-ground and in-ground pool. The style is simple for quick and easy attaching to the hose or pole. It is 14 inches wide and fit for both domestic and commercial pools. The handle adapter secures it to standard extension poles while the spring-loaded clips lock it tightly. It fits well to make certain the dirt and debris are gotten rid off. It holds firm on the surface to effectively eliminate even the tiny debris.

In addition to that, it rolls smoothly on concrete, plaster or vinyl lined surfaces. It is suitable for 1.5-inch diameter vacuum hoses. The unit features locks tightly on the pole for simple connection and removal is also easy. It’s a light unit and also compact. The sturdy ABS plastic construction will tolerate the use, bangs, abrasion, and water. It also doesn’t get rusty or corroded.

In Short:

  • This head works on different types of pools
  • It has a simple design and is 14 inches wide
  • It’s compatible with 1.5-inch vacuum hoses
  • The head rolls smoothly on different surfaces
  • The head has built-in weights for a tight hold
  • It’s made from ABS plastic

The Best Pool Vacuum Head- Buying Guide

Vacuum heads for pool cleaning come in all kinds of styles, sizes, functionality, colors and much more. When searching for the right product, you should consider the following:

Pool Size

Before purchasing a product, it’s necessary you look at the size of the pool. If you have a larger pool, you’ll need something that is more heavy-duty. The head will be wider to cover a larger area, it will be sturdily built to handle the long operation, and also to deal with the higher vacuum pressure. For a small pool, you can get away with an average product since you won’t use it for a long session.

Head Size

The heads come in all sizes. You’ll find wide, average, and narrow. A wider head covers a larger area and allows you to clean much faster. However, this is also dependent on the suction created. Also important is looking at the height of the opening. The wider it is the more debris that will be sucked in. And just like the width, it’s also comfortable in the hands. You’ll use lesser efforts to operate it and also won’t make the hands numb or uncomfortable. Moreover, it will be easier to operate. Top types feature smooth rising wheels which move easily in the water. They won’t jam or get caught by the surface or debris. They also won’t affect the pressure or vacuum created.


The right head for pool vacuuming will be waterproof. It won’t be affected or harmed by the water. Chances or the part rusting, corroding, or fading is unlikely. The material will, maintains its integrity and won’t breakdown easily. Plastic is a common material used in the construction. It is waterproof, light and also will last a long time.


You should go for a unit that can handle the use well. It wills boasts of solid engineering and tight sealing that prevents damage from the pressure. The head will not break or come apart easily even after being knocked, banged or scratched against objects. As said earlier, heavy-duty plastic seems to be a common choice. With a durable product, you are less likely to be sourcing for a replacement any time soon.

Suction Power

The secret to cleaning swimming pools faster lies in the suction power. The more it is the faster it will clean. It will be able to remove stuck debris such as leaves or paper, remove dirt and dust in-between the grout lines and also from the corners and edges. A good head will handle high pressure well. It won’t allow it to leak from the sides or joints. Also, the device will direct it at the target location for better performance. The access will also distribute it evenly so as to ensure the target area is vacuumed evenly.


Like many other products, you’ll come across many options. Some will be expensive, others average, while some may be cheap. The most expensive piece won’t necessarily be of the highest quality or the most durable. And just because a unit is cheap doesn’t mean it’s of lower quality. With a bit of patience, research or relying on best pool vacuum head reviews, you will find a high quality yet affordable product. In addition to the above aspects, you also need to look at the design, color, brand, cleaning ease, compatibility with different vacuuming units and elegance.


Taking care of your swimming pool is a must if you want it to look clean and hygienic. You don’t want it littered by leaves, grass clipping, gunk, slime, and other things. Also, you prefer crystal clear and clean water. To achieve this, it’s essential that you clean it on a regular basis. The normal cleaning methods do work. However, they may take more time and effort. A better approach is to vacuum the pool. You won’t need to get into the water since you’ll do it while standing on the. Also, it will suck out all the debris in a shorter time. There are many types of vacuuming units and they will feature different head unit. In the above review, we have shown you the The Best Pool Vacuum Head that will make cleaning much easier and deliver professional results.

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